The Ultimate 4 - Natural Fat Fighting Stack!

Eating too much is how you get excess body fat. Making the right choices, with natural foods and herbs can turn your body into a fat-burning machine.

People are obsessed with fat. From burning off that extra 5 or 10 pounds to conquering obesity for good, we all secretly want to transform and have the body of a magazine cover model. Okay, it's not a secret—there's an industry built around that desire! And you're probably really curious about it.

Fat burning foods and fat burning herbal supplements: do they really work? Or are you more likely to meet Big Foot on your next vacation to the Oregon Coast? Here's the answer: There are natural foods and herbs that can trigger fat burning. Now, that doesn't mean fat will literally be melting off your body if you eat some cayenne pepper with every meal. No, it means that by adding these four natural fat burners you'll help raise your body's core temperature and stimulate metabolism, which helps use stored fat cells as energy.

When you combine these 4 natural fat burners with a clean diet and at least 30 minutes of weight training or cardio every day, your body will be a fat burning machine! Fat cells won't stand a chance in the inferno.

Cayenne - South American Fire Cracker

Cayenne Peppers are some of the hottest peppers out there. Originally grown in South America, cayenne pepper has been cultivated, used in foods, and used as an herbal supplement since the 17th century!

Why cayenne? Because it contains the active plant compound capsaicin. Capsaicin brings the heat to this pepper, the burning sensation you get when you eat it. It's a completely natural part of cayenne pepper, and many other peppers, that can kick your fat loss diet up a notch.

Capsaicin may increase metabolism, support the immune system, improve circulation, and promote increased body heat. Cayenne pepper is a super-spice that not only dazzles your taste buds but also promotes your overall health and wellness! If you're ready to really turn up the heat on your metabolism, start by mixing a teaspoon of cayenne pepper with 8 ounces of water. Add lemon juice for extra tang and go for it!

Green Tea

Green tea has a history as old as, well, China. Maybe not quite that long, but it's been a staple of hydration for centuries. Whether you drink it or get it in concentrated powder form (green tea pills are sold almost everywhere), this mighty herb is helping you out.

Why green tea? Because one cup of green tea has more antioxidant power than the same amount of fresh fruit, vegetable juice, or wine. And to be a real show off, green tea extracts that combine polyphenols like EGCG (stands for epigallocatechin gallate and is one of many plant compounds that give health benefits) and caffeine may help increase your core body temperature, boost metabolism, and burn fat. Drink 3 cups a day of green tea or you can try supplementing with it to give you the upper hand in the battle against fat.


Psyllium is a soluble fiber that comes from the seeds of the Plantago Psyllium plant. Obviously, psyllium's main function is to help cleanse your system of waste products. But pysllium can also aid weight loss efforts and support blood sugar levels already within a normal range.

Adding fiber to your diet can help keep you fuller longer, which means you might miss out on craving donuts, pies, chocolate, cheese sticks...the works. Too bad for those foods, because all they want is for you to fail. If you've got fiber on your side, then you've got a knight in shining armor to fight the fat.

Why psyllium fiber? Because fiber is the quiet underdog of your weight loss regime. Fiber may not be the sexy weight loss star like green tea, but it'll make dieting that much easier. And fiber's ability to cleanse your system can only lead to better overall health. Psyllium is a convenient fiber option because it can be taken in powder form. Mix your psyllium with water according to the directions and take it preferably before meals.


Flaxseeds are a great source of healthy and essential fats and fiber. Flaxseeds are also incredibly versatile. You can throw whole seeds into baked goods; grind the seeds and put the powder into shakes or on top of morning cereal; or pick up flax seed oil at your local health food store to replace other cooking oils.

Why flaxseed? Because you need healthy fats in order to lose body fat. If you go on a zero fat diet, your body will respond by storing more fat! Think about it: That's what most fad diets have in common—you actually gain weight when you're on one!

Instead, add flaxseeds into your diet to get more fiber and healthy fats that will help support normal hormone production, brain power, fat burning and overall health and wellness.

Take Fat Cells to the Incinerator

Fat-fighting herbs and other plants are Nature's way of saying, "Hey, don't make me do all the work! Get your butt off the couch and get in the kitchen and then the gym." Getting in the best shape of your life is possible, but there's no magic ingredient or pill that will melt fat like ice cream on a hot day. By creating the right fat-loss diet and combining that with an exercise program, you can achieve anything. To get results, you've got to put in the work and be patient. But you'll get there.

And the benefits of natural fat burners can only help you achieve optimum health and long-term weight management.