The Fitness Industry Accepts The Ice Bucket Challenge

Have you stepped up to the bucket to help combat ALS? The biggest names in health and fitness have! Join them as they take a cold shower for a good cause. Warning: shrieking, splashing, and swearing ahead!

If you've been able to avoid the viral eruption known as the "ALS Ice Bucket Challenge" for the last week or so, you have our admiration. Hopefully there's a nice gym down under that rock where you live.

You wouldn't know it to watch the giggle-and-scream approach of many videos, but this particular challenge addresses a battle that is near and dear to our hearts at We believe in health, movement, hope, and self-determination. Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) is one of the worst diseases there is, because it attacks precisely those things. People suffering from this degenerative neurological condition lose control over their bodies, and then they lose their lives. This needs to stop.

It's been heartening for us to see how some of the biggest muscle in the fitness industry has come out to support those who can't use theirs. That's why we've figuratively "poured" over hours and hours of online videos in recent days—with the boss's permission of course. We've learned a few things along the way, like that everyone's voice goes up several notches after taking the challenge—everyone, that is, except the Rock.

Here are our favorite ice bucket challenges among bodybuilding and fitness personalities. Make sure you check out the last one. Despite his best efforts to stay dry, our own CEO Ryan DeLuca didn't quite make it. If you've got another that needs to be seen, shout it out in the comments!

Jamie Eason
Watch The Video - 2:19

Branch Warren and Johnnie Jackson
Watch The Video - 0:22

Nicole Wilkins
Watch The Video - 0:15

Flex Lewis
Watch The Video - 2:11

Rob and Dana Linn Bailey
Watch The Video - 3:12

Kai Greene
Watch The Video - 0:15

CT Fletcher
Watch The Video - 4:52

The Rock
Watch The Video - 0:15

Cory Gregory
Watch The Video - 0:17

India Paulino

3-Time Mr. Olympia Phil Heath
Watch The Video - 1:42

Lou Ferrigno
Watch The Video - 0:25

Jennifer Thompson
Watch The Video - 0:39

Kali Muscle
Watch The Video - 2:16

Mark Wahlberg
Watch The Video - 2:31

Ryan DeLuca/
Watch The Video - 1:43