Part 1: Motivation That Will Take You To The Top!

There are many things that can produce great stress in our lives, but with motivation we can overcome anything.

"Terrorists strike WTC building!", "Mr. Tom Rich Appointed by President Bush to be Chief of Homeland Security", "Ha ha! You think your gonna be as big as me?!" "Oh, your a bodybuilder? Yeah right!" "Yeah right man, I bet you will". Do you sometimes feel as tired and bogged down as I do after a day at school or work? There is just so much going on around us right now, from wars, to possible attacks, to people we hate whom we have to put up with everyday, either because they are our superiors or just those we have to exist with.

There are many things that can produce great stress in our lives, but with motivation we can overcome anything. Even as I've started my bodybuilding journey I've already heard numerous times, "Yeah, I bet your gonna look like a bodybuilder BIG MAN!" or how about this one, "Your a bodybuilder?" or this line from the naturally large 6'4 football player " Yeah, but will you have guns like THESE?!" Hehe, well I've heard some of those lines and I'm a bigger than average guy also!, and I'm sure you have to. They suck don't they, and piss us off big time, but if we're going to press on and stay determined we can't focus what people say. The key to success is not staying down when your knocked down, climbing a few more steps when you feel your falling down 2 for every 3 your climbing, and giving it your all because you know inside you CAN achieve your goals, and you WILL show everyone how they were wrong!

As teens we are consistently pressured to fit in while overcoming seemingly impossible odds continuously. So many teens and young men quit working out simply because they focus on what they don't have and forget to keep their focus on the present and start to fix what they already have. If you don't change what you have now, you won't have what you want in then. Meaning, if you don't focus on changing your body if you don't like it as it is now, you'll never be able to reach the pinnacle and have the body of your dreams and highest potential. To get what you want you have to go out and make changes TODAY, not tomorrow. Tomorrow will most likely come around and you will once again slack it off. Training and nutrition progress from day to day, week to week, and month to month. It will take time but in the end its all worth it. If your feeling down and out right now(which we all have felt at times) hopefully this technique I'm about to present to you will get your motivational fire going and can help you continue even though you feel like your making slow progress, or will "never be as big as that guy." I've started this technique just recently and already feel better each day and have much better sleep and motivation which puts my mind and body in the best possible state to reach my goals. Here I will list a group of attitudes which can be learned and improved upon everyday by simple self talk (subconscious programming). Subconscious programming has been proven to work extremely effectively, and is constantly relayed to us everyday by our parents in that age old quote "Garbage in, Garbage out." Yes, its true. What you put into your mind is stored by your subconscious and affects your overall thoughts, attitudes, health, and life outlook.

For instance, remember when you purchased that new car, and for some reason from then on you started to see the same type or color of car that you purchased everywhere you went? Hehe, its your subconscious that is doing that. What you put into your mind is what comes out. Now, on to the technique. Here I will list a group of attitudes that if acquired will take you anywhere you dreams desire. Be it money, fame, power, prestige, a family, your own corporation, THIS WILL TAKE YOU WHERE YOU WANT TO GO! When using this technique, you will do it #1. In the morning when you wake up. And #2. Before Bed.

The reason these times have been chosen is because when you wake up this will give you a jump-start for an extremely productive day and the second time at night was chosen because what you put into your mind at night is what will be in your mind while you sleep constantly reinforcing itself in dreams and your subconscious because your subconscious has been proven to be the most powerful when your asleep. That is the reason why hypnotists put people to sleep before they give them the self suggestion therapy. This technique I'm going to show you is something Zig Ziglar has created which has improved and given thousands of Americans the lives they have only dreamed of. Here is the list.

honest dependable health conscious
mental attitude
ambitious disciplined honorable
appearance educated hopeful punctual
authoritative effective humble resourceful
balanced encourager humor responsible
bold energetic integrity self image
caring enthusiastic intelligent self starter
character fair knowledgeable sensitive
committed faith loyal servant
communicator family oriented motivated sincere
competent flexible neat sober
confident focused obedient student
considerate forgiving objective sympathy
consistent generous open minded teacher
convictions goal directed optimistic team player
cooperative good-finder organized thrifty
courageous good listener patient tough
creative grateful persistent unselfish
decisive hardworking personable vision
pride zeal(passion)

What you do is, every night and morning, you state enthusiastically while looking in the mirror " I ___yourname___ and go down the list claiming every single one of these qualities. When you reach the last one, you state loudly "And this is the winner I was born to be." Within ten days you will feel much better about yourself and you will see the changes happening in your life already.

Zig Ziglar created this technique and it has worked for thousands. Just go read up on Zig Ziglar, you'll see what I mean. With Zig's technique you now have a tool that many pay lots of money for, which can give you the ability to achieve whatever you want in life. This isn't the only part in gaining motivation and achieving the life of your dreams, for without proper goals to follow you won't ever achieve many of them, but with this technique you are surely on your way to the life you want and have been born to acquire. Now go try this technique and e-mail me in a few weeks about how drastically it has improved your life.

Jonathan Stehlik aka World Muscle
P.S. Great job on the development Derek!