Three Types Of Physiques: Which One Do You Want?

Scientifically speaking there are three main types of physiques: Ectomorph, Mesomorph, and Endomorph. What type are you? Which is the best?

The other day at my gym, all the guys were asking the fitness trainer about what type of workout program and diet they should follow to build up the physique of their dreams, when I asked them what kind of physique did they long for, the answers were unexpectedly varied around a quarter of them wanted a lean and mean body for modeling. Around Half of them (as usual) wanted a macho but lean physique, these were the ones who wanted to wind up a built like Arnold, last and yes the least about 20% of them wanted a bulky physique for wrestling, I never wondered there could be such variations .I wrote this article to help you in building the body that you 'specifically' want. So guys now you need to be in a fit of fitness mania!

Scientifically speaking there are three main types of physiques.

1) Ectomorphic Physique- In this kind, the person sports a lean and thin look. This is the kind of physiques just fit for fitness freaks walking down the ramp. I don't recommend this if you plan to do bodybuilding competitions. But if you are just doing it for a hobby, you can sure try this. I know mesomorphic physiques still remain the favorite of many gym rats but if you really wanna build a body of that kind then this is the way to do it.

Use light weights and do somewhat higher repetitions, 5 sets of 18 repetitions will just be fine. You don't need to use pyramid training system while building this kind of physique nor do you need HIT but you still need mental concentration in your workout for results, as for supplements you can have a protein shake but you can leave out creatine for sure!

Having a low resting time along with cardio vascular exercises will get you going fine.

2) Mesomorphic physique!- This kind is considered the best. All the bodybuilders around you, have (or are building) this kind of physique. This is scientifically and 'competitionely' considered the best physique. This is for the machoistic guys, this is for the budding Arnolds and Ronnies . I bet you want this kind!

For this you need to really train to muscular failure, Pyramiding and HIT also work best for this. The pyramided training system implies adding weight and reducing the number of repetitions on each successive set of a particular exercise. HIT or High intensity training means to keep your workouts intense and short in time.

For this physique your weights should be moderate, start with a warm-up set, after that for each exercise in the beginning do a set of 12 repetitions, in the next set use a heavier weight to do 10 repetitions and so on until the 4th set. Train to muscular failure in all the sets. Doing all muscle groups once a week will be good, Abs are muscles you can do every alternate day. Have a moderate resting time and workout for about 60 mins. Exercise 4 times a week. Do cardio on non training days.

For diet you should eat six small meals a day. An hour before the workout consume a protein shake and sometime after the workout have a good protein and carb meal! Supplement wise I don't really bother with them because I haven't reached my plateau but if you have, you can safely do all supplements except the testosterone ones.

Endomorphic Physique- This is undoubtedly one of the most hated physiques for a bodybuilder and one of the most popular physiques for a wrestler! If you concentrate on looking good just don't touch the training system given below. But if wanna gain strength for wrestling you can try this.

There is a very simple buzz line for this-
Lift like the Big Show, eat like Yokozuna and sleep like me :).

    Jokes Apart, do this-
  • a) Lift very heavy weights for short reps (around 4-6) and rest for 2 minutes.
  • b) Pyramid on all your sets. Your workout time should be around 50 mins, train 3 times week and avoid cardio
  • c) As for nutrition eat a high carb and protein meal, eat at least 7 times a day for results.
Okay guys so these were the different types of bodies, my advice would be to aim for the macho physique but in the end it is all your choice isn't it?