My Goals For 2003!

It is a new year and a new set of goals. Learn what I plan on accomplishing this year and how I am going to do it!

Well, 2002 is just about over. As I think about this past year, I realize I accomplished a lot. I entered my first contest, I gained muscle, I gained strength, and many other things along the way. But, there is still much I can improve on. One of these things is setting goals. Throughout this year, I basically just accepted things as they happened. I did not stop and map out where I wanted to be. I am not saying I wasn't meticulous with my diet and training because I was, I was just not as critical and detailed as I could have been.

I am accountable for everything that I do. I cannot blame anyone else but me. There is always a way to take everything you do in your life to a higher level. That is why 2003 will be a little different. Here is how.

My "Vision"

Every morning when I wake up, I will read my "Vision." This will include both personal and bodybuilding related issues. Here is the bodybuilding portion of my vision. The muscle building process starts as soon as you wake up. Your first meal is of crucial important. You must give your body the nutrients needed to promote muscle growth and fat lose. This goes for every other meal of the day as well. Only the scheduled "bodybuilding meals" have the potential to induce growth. These well structured meals will lead you down the path to success. Unplanned meals consisting of "junk food" will not aid in your quest to grow. They will only hinder, delay, or even stop the muscle building process in its track. In order to build the physique you want, you must follow your diet to a "T."

That means not only the right meals but also on time. All unplanned meals or snacks destroy your chances of improving your physique. This will not be tolerated. When you enter the gym, you must transform. You must transform into a beast. A beast with incredible energy and intensity. You must "Train hard, heavy, and with extreme passion! Constantly challenge yourself to lift heavier weights, utilize a full range of motion, directly hit the intended muscle, work every set until true undeniable absolute failure, and stimulate awesome growth of MUSCLE MASS!" People will stop and stare when they see you exercise.

"Every workout must become a war!"

They will be shocked by your intensity and the weight you are using. They will be stunned with your range of motion. Their jaws will drop when you continue to pound out reps when they thought you would have already stopped. They question whether you are natural or not because of the incredible muscle mass, definition, and maturity you will possess. Every workout must become a war. Your only enemy is the limits you put on yourself. You must constantly push and destroy these limits. Proving that there is nothing that you cannot do.

When you do your cardio, you must look at it just as you look at lifting weights. These cardio sessions are just as important. You must put the same intensity forth. You must put forth the same consistency. You must envision the fat melting off your body and the stimulation muscle growth. Doing so will allow you to add muscle without adding unwanted fat. This is of prime importance.

Daily Goals

  • Read my Vision every morning
  • Eat only my scheduled meals
  • Have perfect post workout meals
  • Follow my supplement schedule 100%
  • Drink a gallon a water a day, not counting what I drink during my workout(s)
  • Complete scheduled workout(s)

Reasons For My Daily Goals

  • By reading my vision every morning, it will "add wood to the fire." This will give me the strength and motivation I need to take my training to the nest level.
  • Eating only my scheduled meals will eliminate junk food from my diet. It will allow me to keep close track of my calorie intake. By knowing EXACTLY how much I am eating, I will be able to adjust my diet according to produce gains in muscle, not fat.
  • The meals you consume post workout are of extreme importance. After a workout, you body NEEDS nutrients. Without the proper nutrients, your body will not grow, or not grow at the rate it could.
  • In order for supplements to work, they have to be taken on a regular basis. Making sure to take them at their scheduled time will maximum the benefits received from them.
  • I feel that lately, I have not been drinking enough water. By drinking a gallon of water, not counting the water I drink during my workouts, will ensure proper hydration.
  • When I started doing cardio about a month ago, I did not compete all my scheduled sessions. Therefore, I made this a goal.

Short Term Goal

    Weigh in at 210 pounds by February

I currently weigh 205 pounds. I have about 5 weeks until I start cutting. My goal is to gain 5 pounds of lean body mass in 5 weeks. So about a pound a week. During this time, I would like to either maintain my current body fat % or decrease it. It will not go up! Click here to get your own body fat tester!

Long Term Goal

    Gain 10 pounds of muscle by January 1st, 2004.

This gives me an entire year to gain 10 pounds of muscle.

    Build a chest that Arnold would envy.

My chest has always been a weak point. I have made some good gains on it during this bulking cycle. I am far from satisfied though.

Well there's a basic run down of my goals and what I hope to accomplish. I encourage you to set your own goals, write your own "Vision," and continue to strive to better yourself.