Teen Amateur Of The Week: Kyle Is Primed For Mature Muscle!

Kyle melded the intensity of rugby with heavy lifting to mold a sculpted teenage body. Check out the training and nutrition concoction that primed him for adulthood!


How did your fitness
journey begin?

I came into high school at age 15 and was a whopping 115 pounds soaking wet. My dad grew up in Britain and played rugby for the better part of his childhood. He told stories about how much fun he had on the pitch and showed me videos of rugby games. The rugby players embodied everything I wanted to be; big, strong, and mean looking. When I found out my high school had a provincial-level rugby team, I joined immediately.

My rugby coaches were intense and had a give-it-all-or-die-trying attitude. Having never played sports, I was surprised by my love of competition and the lifestyle. We trained with heavy weights and were told to eat like animals, so my body grew quickly and I couldn't get enough of the gains. The more I trained, the more I fell in love with the iron and focused less on rugby.

When my senior year arrived, our school got sponsored by Adidas and won provincials with some of the best rugby and weightlifting coaches in the country. I decided to quit playing rugby and pursue weightlifting in university at age 18. I was 155 pounds with 12 percent body fat and was ready to grow. I started doing lots of strength and calisthenics workouts, but transitioned to a strict bodybuilding regimen. I spent hours looking through bodybuilding forums, YouTube, and Bodybuilding.com, and learned the basic principles of nutrition and supplementation.

I saw results immediately, began to eat and train like an animal, and went from 155 to 165 pounds in a few months. I looked into bodybuilding competitions and stumbled onto the men's physique division. I was 170 pounds with 10 percent body fat, set a goal to compete in a year, and made it happen with hard work, education, and determination.

What workout regimen delivered the best results?

I train with heavy weights and increase the weight after every set. I keep rest times at 60 seconds and try to push the pace and go heavier than the prior week. It's about what you feel is best for your body, not what some guy on YouTube says is best.

How did your passion for fitness emerge?

The fitness world is fascinating because everyone's in the pursuit of the perfect physique and the physiques just keep getting better as the industry evolves. The constant growth of the sport drives me to get better and keep my body on par with the industry standard.

What or who motivated you?

My high school rugby coaches first pushed me toward healthy living. I look to the ambassadors of the fitness industry for motivation like Ronnie Coleman, Kai Greene, and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Without them, the sport wouldn't be what it is today. I also look to Steve Cook for motivation in the men's physique division.

Where did you go for inspiration?

When I need inspiration, I look to my parents, who work hard to make sure I do what's best for me. They support me 100 percent in everything I do.

What are your future fitness plans?

I plan to keep growing and fine-tuning my physique until I can compete with the best. I want to inspire others to work hard and know they can achieve anything they put their mind to.

What is the most important fitness tip?

Being educated is the most important fitness tip, whether it's learning proper form or how to listen to your body. The more educated you are, the greater your success will be.

Who is your favorite competitor?

My favorite competitors are Kai Greene for his extremely humble and kind demeanor and Steve Cook for his outlook on the fitness world.

How did Bodybuilding.com help you reach your goals?

Bodybuilding.com was a huge part to my fitness success. It supplies countless helpful articles, amazing forums, and BodySpace, which connects me with like-minded people. Bodybuilding.com is essential for anyone interested in fitness and health.

Competition History
  • 2013 GNC Live Well Winston Invitational