Teen Amateur Of The Week: Doering It Big

He stated small but worked his way down the dumbbell rack fast. Bodybuilding gave William the opportunity to build the physique that he couldn't through sports!

How did your fitness journey begin?

I've always loved sports and activities like running, swimming, and football, but they never gave me the body I wanted. I looked up to the big guys in movies, so I wished for a set of dumbbells on my 11th birthday. They were a pair of 2.2-pound dumbbells, and I remember using them every day for curls and side raises. But I couldn't make changes by doing hundreds of reps with 2.2 pounds, so I stopped training and got skinny fat.

I decided to make a change when I was 15 by getting decent home gym equipment and gathering knowledge about bodybuilding. I took time to figure out what worked best for me, but it was an awesome journey. It wasn't until last year that I finally changed my nutrition and make bodybuilding the center of my life.

What workout regimen delivered the best results?

I found out that a pyramid routine works best for me, so I do reps of 10 to 4, and depending on how I feel, I do dropsets at the end of my last set. I like to keep the intensity high by taking short rest periods. I like doing supersets for intensity and to target the muscle in many different ways in a short period if time.

What supplements gave you an edge?

I don't take any supplements. My supplements are whole foods only.

How did your passion for fitness emerge?

I constantly improved myself, my body, and my mind. I approach everything with much more discipline and dedication. The fight against yourself and your limits gives you an edge that sets you apart from people who lift and stop when they feel pain. You have to go beyond what you thought you can do; breaking through plateaus on a constant basis and improving as a human being.

What/Who motivated you to be a fitness guru?

Seeing myself improve every day and showing people around me that change is possible and improvements can be made day in and day out. If you believe in yourself, everything is possible. Be patient. Bodybuilding requires lots of time, patience, and consistency. If you're willing to put your mind to it, it will definitely pay back.

Where did you go for inspiration?

I always feel motivated to hit the gym, but in a rare case that I don't, I think about someone who doesn't skip a meal or a training session. One hour in the gym is only around 4 percent of your day. You can sacrifice 4 percent of your day.

What are your future fitness plans?

I want to attend men's physique and strongman competitions because I love the atmosphere there. I'd also like to do some fitness modeling one day.

What is the most important fitness tip?

Set many different goals. Try one for every month like gaining 2-3 pounds, improving your strength, or getting bigger shoulders to match your arms. Most importantly, set an ultimate goal like winning a competition, getting a six-pack, or benching 315 pounds. Don't lose focus. Bodybuilding is a long journey. Never lose sight of your goals.

Who is your favorite competitor?

My all-time favorite is Flex Wheeler. He had perfect symmetry and proportion along with mass. I love his cool posing routines. Kai Greene is my favorite right now. He's one of the biggest guys I have ever seen and approaches bodybuilding like an art. It motivates me to go from bulky year-round to lean and ripped, seeing myself as an art project.

How did Bodybuilding.com help you teach your goals?

I started using BodySpace a few weeks back, but I remember visiting it years ago to look at profiles, measurements, and stats. The articles are where I got most of my knowledge. Whenever I needed to change my training, I went to the articles and found a new routine.