Supplement Company Of The Month: RSP Nutrition

No matter your sport, specialty, or activity, you want to be a winner. To win you must perform. That is the driving force behind RSP Nutrition.

As you strive to better yourself physically, you will encounter obstacles and challenges. Regardless of how well you eat or how much you exercise, you may discover that your body isn't strong enough to complete a workout or athletic enough to excel in competition.

Your problem is not desire, it is method. Your performance lags because your body lacks the same drive that your mind maintains. RSP was created to supply customers with the supplements they need to help their bodies perform the way their minds would like.

As our body's performance syncs with your mind's expectations, you naturally begin to break down both physical and mental barriers. That's the philosophy on which this relatively new supplement company is based. It strives to help its clients perform at a peak level against internal and external opponents alike.

All of RSP's products are tested thoroughly for both performance and the betterment of health. To trust a product, you must first trust the company that makes it. Learn more about RSP from its founder, Victor Davanzo, and the athletes involved with the company.


Please tell our readers how your company started.

I started RSP Nutrition realizing that there was a major void in the rapidly growing sports nutrition world. I did it to create an opportunity to provide premium quality, safe and effective nutritional supplements to mainstream athletes, fitness enthusiasts and everyday people with active lifestyles.

Ten years ago the sports nutrition world was polarized and products were designed for either hardcore bodybuilders or endurance athletes.

Who are some important people who helped you in the beginning? What was their role?

Our Director of Business Development Francesco Zampogna, and our Director of Operations Kelechi Okere always played a big part. Like me, both are former student athletes; we all played college football.

Kelechi and I were student athletes at The University of Pennsylvania and Francesco at The University of Miami. I always wanted to re-create the student athlete culture and blend camaraderie and achievement in a way that resembled a sports team and I think we have been able to achieve that.

Our goal is for that culture to extend beyond us and through the brand to the end user. We want people who use RSP products to embody the culture and view it as a lifestyle and commitment to living a healthy, more active and successful life. We truly want people to be on #TeamRSP.

Tell us a little more about yourself and your background in the industry?

Prior to starting RSP Nutrition in 2009, I had experience on the manufacturing side as well as financial services. I used sports nutrition products and played sports pretty much my entire life so the calling was natural when tied in with my experience.

Is a pre-workout like Fast Fuel really that important to a regular gym-goer?

Absolutely yes! The pre-workout category has exploded since NO-Xplode commercially put it on the map and for good reason. Pre-workout nutrition is relatively new to the supplement industry, but its importance is becoming more and more known.

Your nutritional habits prior to training can be as impactful as post-training nutrition.

Your body, like any other machine, cannot properly perform if it is not properly fueled prior to functioning.

Are you coming out with any new and exciting products in the near future?

It is really exciting. We are just scratching the surface of the RSP product line. Our latest release and first product in the weight-loss category, QuadraLean, has taken off and we've been getting great feedback.

Here are some of the products we have in development: protein, thermogenic fat burner, multivitamin, fish oil, a hydration and recovery endurance product, as well as a couple others we have in the works. 2014 should be an exciting year for RSP.

In the future we aim to round out the product line and provide our loyal customers in both the sports and bodybuilding communities with all the products they need.

How do your sponsored athletes help expand your brand?

Our sponsored athletes are always carefully chosen to make sure they represent the RSP culture. Naturally big name professional athletes have big followings and influence.

The goal is not just to put RSP in front of people via a sponsored athlete, but for viewers to identify and believe in the relationship between RSP and our sponsored athletes because it is genuine. They choose to use our products not simply for a paycheck, but because they too are part of Team RSP.

When viewers see that, they have a better chance of believing in the brand and joining our team.

Let's say a customer is just starting a fitness regimen, can only afford one product, and he/she comes to you. Which one supplement do you recommend? Why?

I'd recommend ReGen, our BCAA blend. It has a comprehensive nutritional profile, supports everything from your immune system to your performance, tastes great, and can be used by anyone of any age.

How do you stay mindful of banned substances?

We take the quality control aspect of our manufacturing very seriously. Safety is our number one priority and that will always be the case. We test for cross-contamination and illegal substances to ensure our customers' safety as well as product efficacy.

How important are the trade shows and expos to the growth of your company?

Like almost anything else, they are what you make of them. They are an opportunity to meet industry insiders, get in touch with potential consumers, and get feedback and showcase your brand and team live. They can be great if you go in prepared with the right attitude.

What is the next big thing in sports nutrition? Is there an ingredient that veteran lifters need to know about?

I don't think the next big thing in sports nutrition is a magic ingredient. I think it has to do with the habits of consumers and what type of fitness programs they are involved in.

In addition to traditional sports and training methods, things like MMA, CrossFit, Mud Races, even P-90X, demonstrate the industry is heading to competitive, performance-based training regimens.

Even if the end goal is just to look good, those activities provide the exercise needed to achieve that ideal lean, toned physique.

We talk a lot about nutrition around your workouts, but what should regular weightlifters and exercise fanatics be taking on their rest days?

I personally am a huge believer in the basics: protein, glutamine and BCAAs. Combined with a proper diet, rest and hydration these basics have always worked best for me. That plus anything that people are usually deficient in with their diet such as iron or magnesium.

Ethics are important to supplements buyers, what does your company do to ensure ethical standards?

All RSP products are manufactured in cGMP compliant and FDA inspected facilities. Rigorous testing of all batches validated with CofAs prior to release is most notable. With more awareness of the dangers of banned substances and harmful ingredients, the industry overall appears to be a lot more concerned lately. Everyone plays a role, from raw ingredient suppliers to manufacturers to retailers. This is great for everyone, especially the end users.

Does RSP perform its own research? How much will science guide your future?

RSP performs its own research as well as collaborates with many medical professionals and accredited biochemists and dieticians. In addition, we work with some of the top sports trainers and athletes.

Before we wrap this up, is there anything else you would like to share? Is there anyone you would like to thank or give a shout out to? Where do you go in the future?

I'd just like to say thanks to everyone who helped make RSP possible and most importantly the people who use and believe in RSP products. We want to help people achieve their goals and live healthier, more active and fulfilling lives. That's what it's all about.

Thank you again for choosing RSP! We want your feedback so we can continue to do our best to provide the best possible products we can. Also, I'd like to thank for this opportunity and for being a pioneer in the sports nutrition industry and helping millions of people around the world be healthier. It's an honor to work with a partner like



Curtis Bartlett Military, Law enforcement

Has your performance in the gym improved using RSP's supplements?

My legs have been my biggest improvement. Recovering from multiple knee surgeries, I have always struggled with leg day. For two years, I was scared to train legs, never squatting more than 135.

One of my favorite features of Fast Fuel is the ability to do cardio and legs. I don't get dizzy, feel sick, or get headaches. Over the past few months, I've watched my squat max almost double. I have the energy and motivation needed to complete full leg workouts.

My current addiction is lunging sled pulls. I put appropriate weight on the sled, put the strap around my waist, and take big long lunges, one at a time. It's brutal!

When training, what is your favorite RSP supplement? How do you use it?

Being in Iraq, mail and transit times make receiving supplements difficult. I recently received my first bottles of QuadraLean and BCAA 3:1:1 and I'm excited about the results I'm getting so far.

I would have to say that my favorite RSP supplement is Fast Fuel. I bike and jump rope for 15 minutes to warm-up, so I take one scoop 15 minutes before arriving at the gym.

For long workouts, I take a second scoop of Fast Fuel and sip on it throughout my workout! It's great when mixed with AgmaGen.


Jon Beason All-pro NFL linebacker

The supplement industry is rife with ineffective products, how do you know RSP's products work?

First off, I know RSP products are screened for banned substance and cross contamination. Outside of the university studies, I have experienced the products work very well for me and many of my colleagues. I love the model of clean (banned-substance free) supplementation, so instantly I knew there would be a relationship between us.

As an athlete, we always have days where we don't feel up to the task. Our bodies are depleted from our strenuous training. That is one of the main reasons why RSP products are essential to my success in the gym. They always get me to a level where I feel I am having a productive workout.

When training, what is your favorite RSP supplement? How do you use it?

It's easily Fast Fuel, based on the fact that it always gets me to that competitive level when training or competing. Plus, it is a sustained energy and not just a jittery, short-lived sensation. I never work out or compete without at least 1 scoop of Fast Fuel. Depending on my workout, I like to stack AgmaGen and ReGen.


Julia Vins Powerlifter

Do you think it's important for athletes to earn sponsorships? Why?

Yes, but the athlete must be a long-time fan of the products, and promote only products she uses. The only way you can choose a company whose sponsorship you want is if you know its products.

The company must be communicative and you must be able to communicate with people. Everyone should believe you when you tell them about the benefits of supplements of this company, because it's the truth.

Athletes need to be highly motivated and have big plans for the future. To become more famous and more successful in the sport, their plans should include supplements and sponsors.

Even before I signed an athlete sponsorship with RSP I bought its products. They treat their customers excellently.

Has your performance in the gym improved using RSP's supplements?

I do powerlifting, so every workout needs strength and concentration. Due to products RSP I easily combine squats and deadlifts in one day. With RSP, I can withstand any workout.

Once I stopped using the product for a few weeks, it became harder to train and progress slowed markedly. Now I can say that I would use these supplements as long as possible.


Abel Albonetti Fitness Model

Has your performance in the gym improved using RSP's supplements?

Yes, my performance has improved drastically. From the pre-workout that gets me through a tough workout all the way down to the creatine that helps me recover afterward, RSP products have been key players in maximizing my results.

What made you join the RSP team?

I joined the team after being sent some free samples and absolutely loving ReGen and Fast Fuel. I knew from then on that I wanted to be part of RSP Nutrition. It has given me the opportunity to test various products and to find what works best for my body.

I think that earning a sponsorship is a great thing to strive for because it keeps you motivated as you pursue your goals within the fitness industry.


Kandace Hudspeth WBFF Bikini Pro

Do you feel RSP treats its customers well? If you weren't its sponsored athlete, would you still buy its products?

Team RSP believes in the power of community for motivation and support. We do our best to connect with everyone via social media. As a sponsored athlete, I am always connecting with our fans and customers to help understand our products as well as provide daily training inspiration.