Steve Cook: From Campus To Olympus, Part One

A physique like Steve Cook's is the result of years of toil and devotion to heavy weights. His road began in an Idaho high school gym. Join him as he goes back to where it all started!

Steve Cook made his name as a fitness model and competitor, but he laid the foundation for his physique years earlier while training for athletic competition.

A four-sport high school athlete in small-town Idaho, Steve spent untold hours in his school's simple but effective weight room. While other members of the varsity basketball team were at pregame shootaround, Steve was getting a pregame pump with barbells and dumbbells. Years later, Steve's name and PRs remain on the cinder-block walls at Centennial High, challenging and inspiring up-and-coming athletes of all stripes.

In part one of's exclusive video series From Campus to Olympus, Steve takes us back to the site of his pre-college glory days and introduces us to the coaches who helped him build his Olympia potential rep by rep. This is where Swoldier Nation was born.

From Campus to Olympus Part One
Watch The Video - 11:18

In From Campus to Olympus: Part Two Steve breaks down the details about men's physique competition and how he came to thrive in this field. In Part Three, you'll follow him as he goes down to the wire preparing to take the stage in Las Vegas.

Everything Steve has accomplished has built up to this weekend, when he attempts to take home the inaugural Men's Physique Olympia title. Watch him face off against 15 elite competitors in's live webcast!