Steve Cook: From Campus To Olympus, Part Two

There's a new category of competition at this year's Olympia, and it's all about balance, symmetry, and proportions. Steve Cook breaks down the IFBB's flourishing men's physique division.

Since their launch in 2011, the new IFBB men's and women's physique divisions have attracted a wide range of impressive athletes who didn't quite fit anywhere else. Some have backgrounds in bodybuilding but didn't want to add the extreme size necessary to compete at the sport's elite level. Others had thrived in fitness and athletic competition but prized muscular development more than those fields allowed. Steve Cook has a foot in both worlds, and he has rapidly risen to become one of physique's brightest stars.

In part two of's exclusive video series From Campus to Olympus, Steve breaks down the details of men's physique competition: who it's for, what it demands, and why he wants to be the first to take home the men's title. Are you curious about this unique new competitive arena? Let Steve direct you through its founding and tell the story of how he arrived on the Olympia stage.

From Campus to Olympus Part Two
Watch The Video - 12:18

In From Campus to Olympus: Part Three you'll join Steve as he goes down to the wire preparing to take the stage in Las Vegas. In the fourth and final installment, he'll give his firsthand recap of the main event.

Everything Steve has accomplished has built up to this weekend, when he attempts to take home the inaugural Men's Physique Olympia title. Watch him face off against 15 elite competitors in's live webcast!