Steve Cook: From Campus To Olympus, Part Four

How would you spend your final days before a world-class physique competition? Working out, sure, but if you're Steve Cook, you find the time to meet your fans and do a little dancing, too!

Steve Cook is no stranger to the Olympia stage. In 2010, the then-28-year-old aspiring model took his first step into the world of elite physique competition when he won the first Muscle and Fitness Male Model Search during Olympia weekend. He's been returning to Las Vegas religiously every September since. But never with the same pressure as this year!

Are you looking for a few last-minute competition nutrition tips? Curious to know which 1980s show Steve wouldn't dream of missing while traveling? Then quit shaving that upper lip and don't miss this installment of "From Campus to Olympus."

From Campus to Olympus Part Four
Watch The Video - 08:42

In "From Campus to Olympus: Part Five" Steve will finally introduce Swoldier Nation to the Olympia Expo and the stage. This is what it's all been leading up to!