Great Exercise Variations!

Push it to the max with high intensity training techniques! Be prepared for the most amazing results you will ever see.

Every variation in angle, hand spacing, position, and execution can be changed often to more fully work an area your concentrating on. While you should generally stick to the time tested classic mass builders, that doesn't mean you have to do them the same every time you work out even though they are the same exercise! Here's a few variations you can use to spice things up and shock your body!

1 - Supinated Dumbell Presses (For Both Chest And Delts)

Begin the press for delts with your palms facing each other not straight ahead like normal presses and finish the rep by twisting them together at the top into the palms forward position. For flat and incline presses- Start the rep in the normal hand position and gradually twist your hands so your palms face each other at the top of the rep and contract really hard here, squeezing your pecs for all they are worth and you will feel what I'm talkin' about!! Experiment with them to see what feels best for you and you'll get results.

2 - Reverse Grip Pull-Ups And Rows

Something about the reverse grip lets you get a better stretch with your back exercises than normal. Therefore, exploit this advantage to the fullest and go for the stretch here and you'll notice new soreness and development to your lats which is always a good thing!

3 - Supported One Arm Cable Pushdowns

I really love this one, generally, cables aren't regarded as mass builders but this one seems to help with tricep size somehow. Just grab the crossover attachment for one hand at the top of the cables, brace your elbow firmly, and load up a challenging weight on there. You'll notice that this exercise really hits the tricep directly and you'll feel it sharply stressing the tri in use more than most exercises. Use your other hand to spot yourself on some really heavy one armed negatives to help get those tris bigger. This exercise is like doing preacher curls for your bis only its for tris. You'll actually be surprised by how heavy you can go on this one.

4 - Leg Extension Negatives

Use the same idea as in the above exercise for tris, do your leg extensions heavier than normal and push the weight up with both legs and lower it with only one. You'll find that you can actually handle the heavy weight on the negative better than you may have thought. This concentrates the pressure in that one leg and stresses that muscle more than normal resulting in better quad development.

5 - Incline Dumbbell Rows

This baby can really help you add a lot of separation across your back muscles if you contract them properly at the top of the movement. Use more moderate dumbbells and save the really heavy rows for the barbells. This is more of a cutting shaping move for turning those lumps on your back into chiseled granite with deep cuts. Therefore, go more for the burn, feel and tight contraction of the muscles involved. You can pull the dumbbells up further than a barbell, so be sure to take advantage of this and do it as you will get a killer contraction in the specific muscles you are working which helps them develop separation. Lots of people have big backs, but get one that's big and cut! Just turn an incline bench around backwards, grab some bells and lay down and pull them all the way up for 8-20 reps. Don't forget your high rep sets for back to help with cutting.

6 - Lying Curls For Bis

Lay on a flat bench with some dumbbells hanging down toward the floor and curl them. This one REALLY stretches out the bis and will get you sore if you don't do them often. The stretch is so intense in fact, use caution and keep tension on the muscle at all times. Another benefit of this one is its ability to increase range of motion in other curling exercises because of its ability to stretch you out so well.