Cow Girl Gone City Girl: Monica Starr Interview!

Monica Starr is a true country girl, born and raised in Kansas growing up farming corn, wheat, milo, and sunflowers working on her family owned and operated feedlot. Meet Monica Starr Cowgirl gone City.

Monica Starr is a true country girl, born and raised in Kansas growing up farming corn, wheat, milo, and sunflowers working on her family owned and operated feedlot. Monica loves hunting, fishing, and riding horses. Monica had a passion for horses and hardly a day went by that she didn't go riding. This passion found her showing and barrel racing horses.

Now that's what I like; Cowgirls with blue jeans, t-shirt's, boots, and black Stetson's. True beauty. But, our cowgirl lef the farm for the big city. After two years, she realized that she wanted more in life, so she got certified to become a personal trainer and moved to Baltimore, Maryland and now Texas. While working the fitness rounds she then found another competition passion, the new NPC Figure division. Meet Monica Starr Cowgirl gone City.

[ Q ] Thanks for taking the time to talk with us. I am hoping I can get you to talk openly and not politically correct about bodybuilding, training, and life outside of the iron game. So, let's get started. Where did you grow up?


I grew up in a small town in Northwest Kansas. The population was and still is under 2000. I was born and raised on a farm where we raised cattle and grew crops like corn, wheat, and that good stuff.

[ Q ] What's your full name?

Monica Starr

[ Q ] Well, you better become one with that namesake, where do you call home now?

Amarillo, Texas

[ Q ] What do you do?

I'm a student and doing Personal Training and Fitness Modeling on the side

[ Q ] Did you do any athletics while in HS?


I loved volleyball! I played all through school. My passion was working out and being in the weight room lifting! I was always into that. I also went out for track and went on to coach track for a while.

[ Q ] What made you turn towards Fitness and figure competitions?


I have a close friend in Baltimore, Maryland who told me I ought to try my hand at Figure. So I trained and took 2nd in my first show. But I have always been interested in competing. I used to watch Fitness shows on TV all the time.

[ Q ] You have a great looking physique, what are your current Stats, i.e.: Bust - waist - hips - Height - Weight - Eye Color, you know give us a picture for the picture.


Well, I am 5'2'' and weigh 115. My eyes are green, hair is blonde and my measurements are 36D-27-37.

[ Q ] Being in the fitness industry do you consider yourself a sex symbol? And if so, are you comfortable with being a "sex symbol"?


I have been told that I am a sex symbol. I don't mind. I work hard to look the best that I can, so if that is what people see, that is fine!

[ Q ] How would you describe yourself inside and outside the gym?


I am pretty quiet, though outgoing. In the gym, I go in only to workout. I don't like to talk. Outside the gym, I love to be outdoors! I like to be alone to read or do homework. People know they can turn to me for a shoulder to cry. I'm a good listener.

[ Q ] Do you have any hobbies to help you sane from bodybuilding or are you muscle head like the rest of us?


Hobbies? I have lots! I love to read, ride horses, camp, hunt, fish, and swim. I also like fast cars and motorcycles. My little brother, Colby, and I are doing a brother/sister racing team this summer. I can't wait!!

[ Q ] If you weren't doing fitness/figure stuff where would you be right now?


Right now I am in school. If I wasn't doing Fitness related stuff, I think I would be taking more classes. I'd still workout all the time though.

[ Q ] So, what's next on your plate? Are you getting ready for a show? Tell us about it?


I am getting ready for some shows and photo shoots this summer. Summer is a busy time for me and I have to stay in shape.

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[ Q ] If someone wanted to contact you for pictures or to ask questions where should they go?


If someone wanted to contact me, they can go to my website Hit my CONTACT button and I'll be in touch right away. I am always ready to do a photo shoot! So contact me, and I'll be ready!

[ Q ] Give us the lowdown on your last show and what's your plans after that?


The last show I did was the NPC Body Rock in 2003. I didn't prepare long enough, and I didn't do well. I know what my weaknesses were, and I will be back stronger than ever. So I will be preparing for some shows in Texas for 2004.

[ Q ] What made you compete?


A wonderful friend and trainer in Baltimore, Maryland, Sherwood Minor, told me I should try it. I did, and I got hooked!

[ Q ] What shows are you planning to compete in for 2004?


I don't have any definite ones set yet. I know there are some good ones that I would like to get into though.

[ Q ] You're pretty confident you'll turn pro this year - what makes you deserving of a pro card?


Confidence helps boost your training motivation. I think I would be a good fitness icon to look up to. I want to be looked up to and admired for my honesty and kindness as well as my health and physique. Monica Brant is my idol.

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[ Q ] Have you done any fitness modeling?


I have had the pleasure of shooting with some of the best photographers in the industry. I have been in Oxygen and Muscle Mag. We'll see what the future holds. I also do booth work at big shows like the Arnold and the Olympia.

[ Q ] Do you train with anyone or by yourself?


I train alone. I like to concentrate on myself.

[ Q ] What are your favorite supplements?


I love the Empower Life! You can check it out on my web site in the Store area.

[ Q ] What is the most challenging thing about competing?


That's easy, dieting! I don't like to diet.

[ Q ] Who does? I hate dieting. So, when you're not competing and dieting what do you like to do?


I like to go to movies or rent movies and eat Skittles. Their my weakness.

[ Q ] You said you liked Monica Brant. Who inspires you?


Monica Brant. She is beautiful, sweet, and takes the time to talk to all her fans.

[ Q ] What can your new fans expect to see on your site?


On You will find my pictures and my old outfits for sale. Some write ups on my fitness life every month, newsletters and updates on my whereabouts, and a great Members Only section that lets you get to know me a little better with emails, more pictures, and live chats.

[ Q ] That's a lot of work. What's be the best advice someone has given you in this sport?


Don't lose sight of your dreams and never give up. Be yourself.

[ Q ] Good advice. What advice do you have for others who are considering competing in Figure?


If you want to compete, work hard, train hard, and stay out of the candy!

[ Q ] Skittles right? No skittles everyone. Is there anything else you'd like to share?


I love the fitness industry. I would like to take my career in it as far as I can. I am always open for advice in regards to it too.

[ Q ] I really want to thank you so much for taking the time to interview for It was fun!


My Pleasure!

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