Road To Olympia 2012: Phil Heath Versus Branch Warren

This showdown has been years in the making. Phil Heath has his Sandow; Branch Warren has one gaping hole on his resume. We've got total coverage of their Olympia prep.

Last September, Phil Heath finally did the unthinkable and dethroned Jay Cutler, while Branch Warren sat out with a quad injury. Phil has the title, but Branch has the momentum after two Arnold Classic wins. Neither has tasted defeat since Olympia Weekend 2010, and neither will settle for anything but first at this year's showdown.

Is this Phil's year to cement his place among the Olympic gods, or could Branch be the first man since Dexter Jackson to hold the Arnold and Olympia crowns in the same year? If either one slips, Kai Greene could win. "The Predator" is lurking, ready to strike, after getting his first taste of the Olympic podium last year.

You know their names. You know their bodies. It's go time. Join us as we follow Phil "The Gift" Heath and Branch "Quadrasaurus" Warren as they prepare for the tightest Olympia Weekend in recent memory.

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