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Protein Packed: 4 Muscle-Building Meals

All your hard work in the gym is wasted without support from good nutrition. Here are four recipes you need to bolster your muscle-building goals!

To build muscle, you need to lift—not just weights, but your fork to your mouth for extended reps. And not just cherry pie or fast food, either, but meals that provide your body the right macronutrient ratio for size and strength. Only then will you see the progress you desire.

That's why I put these recipes together. If you want, use them to make a whole day's worth of healthy, protein-packed food. Breakfast, post-workout shake, lunch and dinner—it's all there! Or, just try one of the recipes when you're in a protein pinch. Whatever way to do it, I think you'll like the delicious flavors and muscle-building macros each recipe provides.

There's nothing complicated or difficult about these recipes. Let's get into the kitchen and build some muscle!

1. Ultimate Omelet

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2. Combat Tropical Strength Shake

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3. Super Hero Chicken

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4. Grilled BBQ Flank Steak

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