What It Takes To Be A Professional Fitness Model.

I am very young and new to this business but I have learned a lot about it already. When you are starting out, have these things in mind.

Bodybuilders and fitness people dream of making a living as fitness models. Just the word 'model' makes you think about glamour, a lot of cash for just doing something you enjoy. Showing off your physique and get paid for doing it, what could be better?

I am very young and new to this business but I have learned a lot about it already. To start, always, always pursue your goals and ambitions and if you really want to make it as a professional fitness model and role model, have these things in mind:

On Season / Off Season

To make it, you want as much exposure as possible. Don't wait for it to happen all of a sudden, it won't. You must be active and hunt for opportunities! Being out of shape means you cannot accept offers with short notice.

Dieting all year-round is difficult and especially when you stay lean just to be available. Most bodybuilders can deal with a couple of months of dieting every year, but not all the time. In order to be successful you must stay disciplined "forever" and keep up your motivation.

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Be Patient & Keep Up The Smile

Photo shoots take many hours of work. Be prepared for endless time of posing, smiling, look sexy on demand etc. Even though you're in focus, you won't get all the attention!

As a bodybuilder, you are used to eat every other hour, but you cannot take a break just because you need a snack. Instead, have your meals whenever the photographer needs to adjust the camera or waiting for polaroid photos to develop.

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Stay Cool!

Will you feel embarrassed posing in a bikini in front of art directors, managers, stylists and other people engaged in the project? Then, forget about it! You must be comfortable or pretend very well to be comfortable otherwise it will show on the photos.

This is not the time to be too self-conscious or insecure. When you act in front of the camera, flex your muscles but keep your face relaxed and your hands too. This may sound easier than it is, so practice in advance!

Time Your Eye Blinking With The Camera

You want as many photos as possible to be really good. They won't be if your eyes are closed in every other photo! Remember to blink in between the camera flashes.

The old saying 'make love to the camera' stays fresh - when you think about something sexy, it shows through and you get that special sensual face. Keep that thought and remember what you did/thought about when the pictures turned out well.

Sometimes it can be difficult to look sexy in front of a ugly, non-attractive photographer. What you do then is using your imagination! Pretend he's Brad Pitt or whoever you think is sexy! It works!

Don't Forget About Keeping Your Abs Flat

When posing in a seated position, make sure you keep your stomach flat. It doesn't matter how ripped you are: it won't look good when you're hunching over! Even though it feels weird to almost keep an extended back when sitting down, it will make you look leaner and more sexy.

Poses shot from the side are tricky. This calls for a reminder on keeping your abs flexed. When you flex, the challenge lies in flexing everything AND look relaxed! Of great importance is your ability to hit a pose and hold. Some times you need to stay that way for many minutes.

If you're nervous, you won't be able to remain in a flexed position without shaking and cramping, so try to stay calm.

Don't Ever Complain!

Posing in front of a camera is hard work, but you're doing it because you want to and it's your duty to do it well. When the photographer enters his/her "zone", they take every chance of getting a great shot.

In some poses, it may not be possible to breathe properly and you'll get dizzy from it. Then, it's only natural to ask for a break, but try to persevere! Your time will come when you can relax!

Accept Many Shoots Without Getting Paid For It

In the beginning and for promotion, you must accept your work won't give you cash straight away.

You must put in lots of free work before it pays off.

Get a good reputation first, get noticed, and then negotiate about the money or awards.


Many things to remember, but being aware of it is key. Work hard, try to have as much fun as possible. Sooner or later, all the sacrifices and discipline will pay off big times!