2003 Olympia Reports! Get Expert Commentary On The Contests!

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Expert Commentary And Reports!

Our experts weigh in on the results and the entire Olympia weekend. Do you agree?

Dino Paul Pierce's Report

"I think that the best thing that could have happened to Ronnie was the huge undeserving upset at last years GNC SOS."

Dan Solomon's Report

"The 2003 Mr. Olympia reminded us all that predictions and prognostications have no place in the world of bodybuilding."

John Hansen's Report

"Returning champion Ronnie Coleman shocked the bodybuilding world by packing on more than 40 pounds of muscle and absolutely destroying the competition."

Ryan Mackie's Report

"My first Olympia was in 2001 when Jay Cutler was very close to dethroning Ronnie Coleman. I remember the energy of the weekend, seeing the giants in person at the amazing Expo that is held there plus battle it out on stage. Find out what I think about this year's Olympia weekend!"

Fitness Olympia Judging: A Closer Look!

"I have received quite a bit of email from fans questioning the judging at the 2003 Fitness Olympia held on October 24th in Las Vegas. Find out what I think about the judging and much more... "