Must-Read Fitness Tips From Top BodySpace Members

Take a glimpse into the healthy habits of BodySpace's top-tracking members and learn how you can incorporate their methods into your life for greater fitness success!

Must-Read Fitness Tips From Top BodySpace Members
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We've all done it—scrolled through sites, flipped through magazines, and admired the ripped bodies we've pegged as our goal physiques. From boulder shoulders and biceps peaks to six-packs and V-tapers, there's a lot to admire about successful fitness athletes. But where does it all start?

As we found out using BodySpace data, monitoring progress is absolutely critical to fitness success. When it comes to reaching your goals, consistently punching in and tracking your workout specifics—reps, sets, and weight lifted—could be as important as pressing that barbell overhead—and not by a small margin, either.

BodySpace members who log workouts three times a week or more have roughly 70 percent more success toward their goals—measured by weight gained, fat lost, and other criteria—than members who don't track reps and sets!

The first year of consistency can be the hardest. With that in mind, we rounded up tips from the top BodySpace trackers who have stayed the course over the last 365 days. Not only are we 'mirin their physiques, we're also 'mirin their dedication to staying on top of their workouts! Check out their stats and advice to crush your own fitness journey!


The Strength in Numbers Study is based on data collected from our very own social fitness network, BodySpace. Our findings come from BodySpace members who successfully make progress toward a stated fitness goal, whether it's weight gain or loss. Every time members post to FitBoard or add a picture, they contribute to the study.

Top-Tracking Women

These 10 BodySpace members prove that ladies definitely lift, earning them each a spot among the top-tracking women.


Progress pics Gallery pics Current weight Current body fat Pounds lifted Workouts tracked
0 50 144 lbs. 15.5% 4,904,414 461
Progress pics 0
Gallery pics 50
Current weight 144 lbs.
Current body fat 15.5%
Pounds lifted 4,904,414
Workouts tracked 461

Fit Tip Consistency is key

When it comes to training, the only bad workout is the one that didn't happen. Steady progress is what you should strive for, not instant results. The expectation shouldn't be perfection, and as BodySpace member Jennhfit will tell you, not every workout is going to be amazing. Realizing this will help you take steps in the right direction. "Consistency is key," Jennhfit says. "Not every workout has to be perfect. Putting forth the effort is what matters."


Progress pics Gallery pics Current weight Current body fat Pounds lifted Workouts tracked
4 3 125.5 lbs. 13.6% 7,186,428 408
Progress pics 4
Gallery pics 3
Current weight 125.5 lbs.
Current body fat 13.6%
Pounds lifted 7,186,428
Workouts tracked 408

Fit Tip Tracking ensures progress

Working out without recording your reps and sets completed could be what's holding you back from being your best self, especially if you don't know how much you're lifting from workout to workout. After all, if you don't know where you've been, it's hard to know where you should go.

When it came to logging workouts to ensure her consistent progress, KayDuff was a leader among the ladies with 408 pumped-up, biceps-growing, core-tightening, and delt-developing workouts tracked. She says tracking has helped her stay in the game!


Progress pics Gallery pics Current weight Current body fat Pounds lifted Workouts tracked
15 16 121.25 lbs. 18.6% 2,779,484 400
Progress pics 15
Gallery pics 16
Current weight 121.25 lbs.
Current body fat 18.6%
Pounds lifted 2,779,484
Workouts tracked 400

Fit Tip Set short-term goals

You're not going to look like a fitness model after your first training session. Heck, it could take years to build your goal physique. That's why it's imperative that you break up your larger goals into smaller goals. "I like to motivate myself with short-term goals," says BodySpace member Nadya0577. "Goals like losing one kilogram in 10 days are more manageable. A week goes by quickly, and once you've achieved that goal, you realize you've coped and survived. Then, it's on to the next goal!"


Progress pics Gallery pics Current weight Current body fat Pounds lifted Workouts tracked
37 21 135 lbs. 16.6% 224,814 371
Progress pics 37
Gallery pics 21
Current weight 135 lbs.
Current body fat 16.6%
Pounds lifted 224,814
Workouts tracked 371

Fit Tip Do what you love, and love what you do

Healthy living isn't a cookie-cutter lifestyle, and a traditional gym workout isn't the only way to train. "For me, the biggest hurdle has been setting my own goals and not getting lost in the cultural expectation of what it means to be fit," says TangoClimber. "I've always loved training, but I have a more nontraditional approach than spending hours in the weight room with the standard 8-12 rep range. Rock climbing, running, and yoga make me happy, so I spend the majority of my time doing those activities, and my body is a reflection of that."


Progress pics Gallery pics Current weight Current body fat Pounds lifted Workouts tracked
49 99 158 lbs. 20.3% 7,192,324 355
Progress pics 49
Gallery pics 99
Current weight 158 lbs.
Current body fat 20.3%
Pounds lifted 7,192,324
Workouts tracked 355

Fit Tip Schedule your workouts

Fitting training and proper nutrition into a busy schedule isn't always the easiest thing to do. "My toughest hurdle is working around my schedule with kids and life in general," says C0urtkn33. When life gets hectic—as it undoubtedly will—carving out time to care for yourself and be a fit role model for your family is key.

"I had to decide that no matter what was going on in my life, I would get in my workout, even if that meant staying up late or getting up way too early," she says. To strive toward change, you have to really want it.


Progress pics Gallery pics Current weight Current body fat Pounds lifted Workouts tracked
44 178 132.5 lbs. 17.9% 3,723,525 342
Progress pics 44
Gallery pics 178
Current weight 132.5 lbs.
Current body fat 17.9%
Pounds lifted 3,723,525
Workouts tracked 342

Fit Tip Get your head in the game

Sometimes the gym beckons, but you're just not up for training. That's when you have to dig deep, echo some positive self talk, and be your own motivation. For Paskos79, a quick mental warm-up is all it takes: "I put on my favorite music to pump myself up and keep telling myself, 'You can do it. It's only an hour of your life—go hard and enjoy the benefits,'" she says. "Before you know it, I'm sprinting, and my mindset is focused on making gains! After 5-10 minutes, I'm ready to hit the weights."


Progress pics Gallery pics Current weight Current body fat Pounds lifted Workouts tracked
65 94 152 lbs. 16% 4,108,527 338
Progress pics 65
Gallery pics 94
Current weight 152 lbs.
Current body fat 16%
Pounds lifted 4,108,527
Workouts tracked 338

Fit Tip Research everything

Knowledge is power. Knowing what you're eating and why you're eating it is essential when transforming your body. BodySpace member Vigsmom credits research as an important factor in her journey. "Research everything you want to put in your body, whether it is a supplement or a new food," she says. Knowing what you're using to fuel your body and why you're using it is the cornerstone of success.


Progress pics Gallery pics Current weight Current body fat Pounds lifted Workouts tracked
24 94 102.5 lbs. 6% 3,749,734 337
Progress pics 24
Gallery pics 94
Current weight 102.5 lbs.
Current body fat 6%
Pounds lifted 3,749,734
Workouts tracked 337

Fit Tip Don't be afraid to fail

Sometimes, the fear of failure can be paralyzing and keep you from even starting. BodySpace member Sadie915 had to overcome this hurdle before she could truly begin her fitness journey. "My toughest hurdle was not being afraid of failure," she says. "I was scared to put myself out there so openly. I made a decision to follow my dream of one day being a fitness spokesmodel. While it hasn't happened yet, I'm still working toward it and couldn't be happier with the wonderful support of my BodySpace friends and followers who push me to be better every day."


Progress pics Gallery pics Current weight Current body fat Pounds lifted Workouts tracked
34 75 111.4 lbs. 15% 3,075,825 320
Progress pics 34
Gallery pics 75
Current weight 111.4 lbs.
Current body fat 15%
Pounds lifted 3,075,825
Workouts tracked 320

Fit Tip Track your nutrition

When it comes to being and staying fit, nutrition is paramount. "Track everything that goes into your mouth—clean or dirty," Kelleysherwin says. "If you don't know how many calories you're consuming and what the macro breakdown is, you won't be able to make the adjustments that will help you achieve your goals."


Progress pics Gallery pics Current weight Current body fat Pounds lifted Workouts tracked
0 19 108 lbs. Not tracked 2,553,877 303
Progress pics 0
Gallery pics 19
Current weight 108 lbs.
Current body fat Not tracked
Pounds lifted 2,553,877
Workouts tracked 303

Fit Tip Indulge in moderation

Working out and eating clean don't have to mean chicken and broccoli for life. The occasional indulgence is OK and might even help turn that "diet" into a lifestyle change. BodySpace member Littlebibbs's cheat of choice is a homemade cheeseburger. "I use 91 percent lean ground beef and one slice of full-fat cheese. No bun," she says.

It's important to do what works for you and your diet. "I don't track my macros, but I've been a follower of the Fighter Diet principles for years, and I've learned what my body can tolerate and what it needs."

Top-Tracking Men

These eight BodySpace members brought it home for the bros by tracking enough workouts over the last year to sit among the top-ranking trackers.


Progress pics Gallery pics Current weight Current body fat Pounds lifted Workouts tracked
20 42 142 lbs. 7% 8,863,542 563
Progress pics 20
Gallery pics 42
Current weight 142 lbs.
Current body fat 7%
Pounds lifted 8,863,542
Workouts tracked 563

Fit Tip Love the journey

For some BodySpace members, training is all about discipline and enjoying the ride. "If you go into this thinking in terms of giving the least amount of effort possible, or how much you'll be able to 'cheat,' your results will reflect that," Iantherockstar says. "You have to love the process of training as much as the results. It becomes easier as you develop and stick with the right habits."

A strong mind-muscle connection also plays a role. "I focus on every movement in the gym with careful, deliberate intention—never dropping or swinging the weights," he says. When the going gets hard, don't slack. "Letting gravity take the weight down at the end of a rep is a wasted opportunity! Resist and be stronger for it."


Progress pics Gallery pics Current weight Current body fat Pounds lifted Workouts tracked
25 3 196.21 lbs. 13.1% 5,875,592 475
Progress pics 25
Gallery pics 3
Current weight 196.21 lbs.
Current body fat 13.1%
Pounds lifted 5,875,592
Workouts tracked 475

Fit Tip Inspire others

Something as simple as a kind word of encouragement on a fellow lifter's progress pic can give them a boost of confidence. Turns out, those kind words benefit the "complimenter", as well! BodySpace members who engage in the community by commenting are 40 percent more successful toward their goals than those who sit back, stay quiet, and look on.

With an average of one comment per week, it's no wonder that Kunlars is on the right track. The takeaway: Share your experience, offer feedback, and be there for your #fitfam. We're all in this together!


Progress pics Gallery pics Current weight Current body fat Pounds lifted Workouts tracked
7 28 189 lbs. Not tracked 10,835,832 397
Progress pics 7
Gallery pics 28
Current weight 189 lbs.
Current body fat Not tracked
Pounds lifted 10,835,832
Workouts tracked 397

Fit Tip Challenge yourself

Increasing the weight you're lifting weekly or pushing through a few more reps before dropping pounds definitely spells success, but mental fortitude can be just as impressive as any physical feat. It's what BodySpace member Jzehel21 credits with helping him break barriers and overcome plateaus. "Pushing yourself further than what you think is possible—reaching your 'limit' and going beyond—is exactly what it takes to get to the next level," he says.


Progress pics Gallery pics Current weight Current body fat Pounds lifted Workouts tracked
5 20 182.9 lbs. 16.6% 5,047,350 393
Progress pics 5
Gallery pics 20
Current weight 182.9 lbs.
Current body fat 16.6%
Pounds lifted 5,047,350
Workouts tracked 393

Fit Tip Find balance

Balance is key when it comes to nutrition and daily meal prep. Finding healthy alternatives for major cheat meals is key, but sometimes there's no real replacement, and that's when practicing moderation becomes crucial. A long-term fit lifestyle means having to make room for your favorites from time to time.

For Luekutus, it's all about finding balance. "I love beer—it's one of my biggest hurdles," he says. "Instead of trying to 'overcome' it, I've just relegated it to Saturday evenings."


Progress pics Gallery pics Current weight Current body fat Pounds lifted Workouts tracked
18 16 165 lbs. 6.5% 5,570,062 385
Progress pics 18
Gallery pics 16
Current weight 165 lbs.
Current body fat 6.5%
Pounds lifted 5,570,062
Workouts tracked 385

Fit Tip Photograph your progress

Selfies aren't just for #flexfriday. In fact, saying "cheese" more often and tracking your progress through gallery photos and progress pics could help accelerate your path toward fitness. BodySpace members who add at least one photo per week are 2.5 times more successful than those who remain camera shy and don't post.

With 34 gallery and progress photos, Integrityinside is living proof that sharing everything from your back progress to your cut abs can help foster a supportive environment that leads to growth.


Progress pics Gallery pics Current weight Current body fat Pounds lifted Workouts tracked
8 48 150.5 lbs. 7% 13,748,560 367
Progress pics 8
Gallery pics 48
Current weight 150.5 lbs.
Current body fat 7%
Pounds lifted 13,748,560
Workouts tracked 367

Fit Tip Get comfortable in the kitchen

Making strides toward a fitter you isn't an overnight process. BodySpace member Gw43 gained a strong foothold in healthy living by nixing bad habits. "I quit drinking, and read a lot to become informed about my food choices," he says.

Instead of hitting up the drive-through and ordering A&W's sausage n' eggers, which led to instant regret and left him feeling crappy, Gw43 takes the time to prep his own take on a protein-rich breakfast with five whole eggs, natural peanut butter, flax, and oat porridge. "I lost close to 20 pounds in six months," he says. "I was more consistent with my goals, and when I reached one I added another. That's kept me going."


Progress pics Gallery pics Current weight Current body fat Pounds lifted Workouts tracked
3 0 155 lbs. 13% 4,033,056 358
Progress pics 3
Gallery pics 0
Current weight 155 lbs.
Current body fat 13%
Pounds lifted 4,033,056
Workouts tracked 358

Fit Tip Tailor your workouts

Turning your life around is no easy feat, but in the end, hard work definitely pays off. BodySpace member Guitarhero23 can speak to that. While he currently sits at a solid 13 percent body fat, that wasn't always the case. "Back in 2009, I was obese at 240 pounds," he says. "Now I sit at around 156 pounds and feel great, but adapting a new healthy lifestyle wasn't easy."

If you're feeling overwhelmed with the changes you have to make, break them down to create more manageable tasks. For example, instead of working out for an hour and a half straight, split cardio and lifting into two separate sessions. "Now my routine is to go to the gym before work for a 30-minute cardio session, and then follow that up with a lifting workout at lunch," Guitarhero23 says.


Progress pics Gallery pics Current weight Current body fat Pounds lifted Workouts tracked
10 0 167.5 lbs. 10% 4,428,621 349
Progress pics 10
Gallery pics 0
Current weight 167.5 lbs.
Current body fat 10%
Pounds lifted 4,428,621
Workouts tracked 349

Fit Tip Measure everything

The scale might be misleading when it comes to tracking progress, but pairing weight measurements with changes in the circumference of your body parts—whether it's the broadening of your chest or the narrowing of your waist—can be a better indication that you're taking strides in the right direction.

BodySpace members who update their body-part measurements are three times more likely to succeed in reaching their goals—whether it's dropping body fat, gaining weight, or shedding a few vanity pounds—than those who don't track them!

With 422 weight updates alone, not to mention tracking the growth of his guns and the trajectory of his calf development, Shedden earned his place among the top-tracked men. He says consistent measurements have helped him succeed for the long haul.