Traveler's Workout And Diet Plan!

Travelers unite. Here is a no-nonsense simple way to keep that physique while traveling. Included are types of workouts and grocery shopping suggestions.

A Plan For The Road!

Packing on slabs of muscle is easy for those who have all the time in the world to train, eat, and rest. Unfortunately, only 1% of us fall into that category. The question then arises; what to do for those of us who are "running" on the corporate treadmill that keeps increasing in speed.

Admit it, you've fallen prey to corporate work hours, your wife complains you are not spending enough time with her and the kids, you are consistently traveling for work, your nutrition has gone to pot, and frankly, you are beaten by life. Does this scenario sound familiar? Well now it's time to do something before your washboard turns into a bowl full of jelly.

Sometimes weights aren't always available allowing you to maintain or improve your physique; fortunately, there's a workout for you too. Weights aren't crucial to improving your physique, so let's take a look at some exercises that can not only maintain your hard earned muscle, but even improve your physique.

If nothing else, it's a great way to add some variety (even if you are still using a gym).

The Workout

Below are the two sample workouts;

Workout A

Walking Lunges Across Hotel Room Floor

At least 10 repetitions for each leg.

Superset With:

  • 25 push-ups with hands shoulder with apart
  • Repeat set 3 times

Duck Walks

Squat into the lowest comfortable position and walk forward from one side of the hotel room to the other. Continue walking repeatedly for 30 seconds. Stand to shake out the legs and repeat 3 times.

Superset With:

  • 25 push-ups with hands in a triangle position

Leap Frog

You don't need to ask your co-worker to play with you; this can be done across the room on your own. Squat as low as possible, leap (without hitting your head on the ceiling). Do so across the room.

Superset With:

Bodyweight Triceps Extensions

Place your hands on the dresser or other stable furniture with your feet about 4 feet away from the furniture [the lower the furniture and further away the feet, the more difficult the exercise]). Lower your head by only bending your elbows (thinking of upside down skull crushers). Return to starting position.

Workout B

Military Push-ups

This if for the more advanced. Get into a handstand with feet against the wall or with friend holding your feet. Lower your body towards the ground and push-up to starting position.

Complete 10 repetitions.

One-Legged Deadlifts

Raise one foot off the ground and behind the body. Squat down as low as possible until back leg is just above the floor. You may have to hold onto something for balance to start.

Repeat 10 repetitions on each leg.

Superset With:

The Plank

  • Keep only feet and forearms on the ground; raise body off the ground keeping your body in a straight line. Hold for 25 seconds
  • Repeat 10 repetitions on each leg.

So now you've accomplished your exercise goal for the day, but what are you going to eat? I've been traveling every single weekend since the first of March and will continue to do so until the second week in May, where I get one off and am then back to the grindstone.

Hotel food gets redundant. It's hard to encounter a restaurant that can cater to a healthy guy's lifestyle. You have to get creative.

Travel Regularly?

If so, check out the tips below;

If You Regularly Travel, I Have A Few Suggestions

  1. First, pack some packets of your favorite Meal Replacement Powder and a shaker bottle.
  2. Second, pack some high quality nutrition bars.
  3. Third, if it's a long flight, pack some fruit because the tiny bag of pretzels the airline gives you won't do much to stave off hunger and catabolism for long flights. I recently flew to Anaheim so I made sure to have several whole grain bars, two apples, and a zip lock bag for "garbage" located in my bag.
    I ate as soon as possible before the plane took off and ate soon after we landed (and many pieces of fruit and bars). I'm heading to Utah this weekend and have the same plans to prepare for the trip. You can also have a shaker bottle full of water, then dump in Meal Replacement Powder, to give you a nice dose of protein.

The Plane Ride Is Now Over, But What Do You Do The Rest Of The Trip To Not Ruin Your Entire Physique?

  1. First, locate a grocery store nearby your hotel.
  2. Second, make a trip to the grocery store and buy some non-perishable foods (unless the hotel offers a refrigerator-then buy perishable items. If your room has a microwave, pick up a couple of packets of oatmeal and some water.

Other recommended snack/meal items to help you get through the days; this is not an all inclusive list, but will get you started.

Recommended Snacks:

  • Dried fruit
  • Mixed nuts
  • Fruit and vegetables
  • Granola bars
  • Yogurt (again, if there's a refrigerator)
  • Cottage cheese (see above)
  • Oatmeal


Now aside from the times you'll be eating in your room, try to make the best of the restaurants where you eat.

For example, always opt for the grilled, broiled, or baked items in broth rather than fried or those that come in cream sauces.

Of course, last but not least, cooperate with the waiters and waitresses and they will do the same. Also never be afraid to speak up. It is your job as a bodybuilder trying to keep or maintain an impressive physique and healthy lifestyle.