Why Are You Skeptical About Pro-hormones?

I get bombarded with e-mails from all over the world, from Japan to Argentina, and it's really interesting to see how small differences there are!

Why are you skeptical about pro-hormones?

I'm going by the principle of there never being any free rides in this world. Now you're told that you can get steroid-like effects, but without the side effects. Hmm… It doesn't quite make sense. To me, it sounds like eating the cookie while still holding on to the cookie: Either you eat it, and then it's gone, or you keep it, but then you're not eating it! Or could it be that you get a nibble, but holds on half a cookie? As in, getting just a LITTLE boost in your training, and then getting just a LITTLE side effect? Of course I'm not disputing the scientific studies being presented to back these claims. But then again, one have to remember the scientific studies that say that smoking isn't bad for you nor is addictive, and other case studies where supposedly 'natural' athletes gain a double-digit number of pounds of muscle and loses a double digit amount of fat in 4 weeks, all thanks to this one particular protein powder.