Marc Megna Fitness 360: Supplements

If you follow Marc Megna's program, then your body is going to get worked in the gym. Support your efforts with appropriate supplementation.

Marc Megna Fitness 360: Supplements
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Hitting your body hard produces results but also takes a toll. Your recovery plan includes rest, clean nutrition, and the right arsenal of supporting supplements. Because Marc Megna trains daily, he needs a lot of support. Check out Marc Megna's supplement plan!

Marc Megna Fit 360
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Marc's Supplement Philosophy

Megna encourages the use of appropriate supplements for anyone trying to boost performance, build muscle, or transform their body: "If someone is trying to put on weight, they are going to need specific supplementation to put on weight. If someone wants to reduce body fat or improve body composition, they are going to need a certain panel of nutrients and supplementation to get them there."

He trains for increased performance and a better physique, which his supplement stack reflects. "Whey protein is a large part of my diet," Megna says. "I also use arginine, beta-alanine, creatine, BCAAs, [and] glutamine. Those are all things I think are staples of training. They put me in a wonderful place to feel good for my next workout so I can recover."

Marc Megna Fitness 360