Game Over Book: Volume 2 Available NOW For Free!

As science and experience evolves, we take note. This diet has helped hundreds of people just like you get in the shape of their lives... Learn more about this and get the free download here!

Volume 2
Taking What Works & Making It Better!

As science and experience evolves, we take note. Game Over—The Final Showtime Cut Diet You'll Ever Need, has helped hundreds of people just like you get in the shape of their lives and even step onstage. It is a HIT so to speak.

But this diet was only used on maybe one hundred or so of Chuck's elite athletes and bodybuilders before the book came out.

As more and more people tried it, we had the fortune to work with people on the message boards and also via personal contact to make the Cut Diet even more effective! Heck, Scivation President Marc Lobliner even prepped for an NPC show and WON his class using the diet, training and supplementation exactly as it was laid out in the book. And from this, we learned.

Volume 2 contains updates and a more efficient program for getting lean. This is the result of taking real-world feedback and letting a successful program evolve and become even better.

If you've tried the Cut Diet or have never tried the Cut Diet, give V2 a shot. We guarantee if followed as outlined that you will get your best body ever. Read on and follow for the body of your dreams...

In addition to the above, you also get an EXTRA 44 pages including:

    • A detailed piece on BCAA by Layne Norton, now a co-author.
    • Revised workout plans
    • Cut Diet Food Choices
    • Cut Diet for women
    • HIIT Cardio section
    • Meal Timing for 6-8 meals and morning and evening training
    • The Clean carb-up, Lobliner-style
    • The lactose-intolerant friendy showtime meals
    • Revised supplement recommendations
    • What to do AFTER the diet


"While I don't have pics, my overall health has improved tremendously! I'm able to walk 30-45 min at a solid 1-1.5 incline at a max speed of 4-4.3mph. I believe I've gained a tremendous amount of muscle mass while only eating 5 meals a day.

I must admit that at first it's been hard going out and only having 1 beer or no beers at all vs. 10-15 beers and a large pizza afterward. Football, Saturday's and the tailgating that comes with it have also been a burden because I can't always have some veggies laying around while I'm out with the guys. I've learned to do what works for me and continue the next day as regimented by you in the plan.

Most importantly, I want to 'Thank-You' Chuck. In all honesty, this diet isn't for everyone. It takes a definite level of commitment but in the end is very achievable with a little determination and desire to be healthy. My overall health has improved resulting in more effective and beneficial workouts.

My mass has increased, my strength has increased and my posture has improved, but most importantly I've gained back a significant level of confidence in myself because I not only see results and am looking good but simply 'feel' healthy. Again, your help, positive attitude and program has been instrumental in helping me achieve my goals and it is very much appreciated!"


"Chuck, just read the book and all I can say is WOW!!! I've learned more in those pages than I have in reading the boards the past two years as well as reading MD. I was really impressed with the breakdown of each supplement and it has convinced me that Primaforce, Scivation are THE only supps I will use from here on out. Instead of the typical, 'Take this and get mindblowing pumps and garden hose veins' you guys provide the science and detail behind it."


Why Someone Should Buy This Book - Who Is It For?

In an upscale training facility catering to collegiate and professional athletes located in Southern California, Chuck Rudolph, MEd, RD has spent the last thirteen years perfecting his diet and nutrition strategies. Chuck has helped many elite athletes, including professional bodybuilders, obtain their best physiques ever.

In Game Over, Chuck takes you through all of the steps in the Cut Diet including diet, training and supplementation in a 16 week showtime program in collaboration with industry experts Marc Lobliner, President of Scivation, Inc.; Derek Charlebois; and elite trainer Sean Kane. If you're ready to take your physique to the next level for a show or even just to show some abs this summer, Game Over is the guide you need!