Lindsey Renee's Dangerous Curves Workout

Ladies, get ready to lift! You can build a strong, curvaceous, and athletic body. NPC athlete Lindsey Renee will show you how it's done.

Many women crave a strong, curvaceous body. You know how I can tell? I see them in the gym every day doing dumbbell side bends and riding sidesaddle on the back extension bench until they ache. They have one thing in mind, and they'll keep on swaying back-and-forth like trees in a windstorm until they get there.

Unfortunately, the female body just isn't that simple. You could bend until you break and never carve your dream physique, because strong curves are a full-body accomplishment. A curvaceous figure is the combination of a lean waist, strong legs, and full glutes. To get it, you have to dial in your nutrition, work on your core and lower-body strength, and not be afraid to put some muscle on your frame. You have to lift heavy from multiple angles, not just side-to-side.

In other words, you can want a powerful, curvaceous body as much as you like, but you won't get it unless you're willing to work hard for it. Achieving that body takes determination, willpower, motivation, and self-discipline. It also takes an awesome lower-body workout.

I'm NPC bikini athlete Lindsey Renee, and I'd like to show you mine.

I'll show you which movements to do to help you earn that coveted shape. Your quads, hammies, and glutes will be on fire, but you'll be one step closer to the curves you desire!

But consider yourself warned: Barbara Eden may have rocked an hourglass figure on I Dream of Jeannie, but nobody's going to pop out of a bottle and grant your wish for curves overnight. You've got to stick with it and make this a goal across weeks and months! But the rewards will definitely be worth it when you look in the mirror and see a stronger, more athletic, and sexier you!

The Dangerous Curves Workout

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