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Kim Oddo's Contest Prep College: Figure And Bikini Competition Training

Meet Kim Oddo: he's a fitness trainer, nutritionist, and has worked with some of the best pro athletes in the world. If you're considering flaunting your stuff on stage, it's time to go to school.

In As You Like It, Shakespeare wrote, "All the world's a stage," but we know the pressures of the stage at a figure or bikini competition are more intense than the platforms in our normal lives.

Preparing for those pressures is not easy, but that's what people like Kim Oddo are for. Because of his experience as a fitness trainer and nutritionist, Oddo knows what it takes to make a stand-out competitor - just sweeping on some eye shadow and doing preacher curls won't do the trick!

Even if you don't think you have what it takes to be a competitor, Oddo proclaims anyone can perform well in this demanding, restrictive arena. It just takes a LOT of devotion, concentration, and work. You'll be challenged in ways you never experienced before; the ability to overcome those obstacles comes from desire.

This 4-part course takes you through an overview of how to prepare for an event. Oddo knows the facts for a perfect figure and bikini stage physique, so take detailed notes!

Figure and Bikini Competition 101: Lesson One - Nutrition

If you're serious about preparing for a competition, you're going to need a nutrition plan that fits your goals. Create a balanced meal plan and avoid those sneaky hidden calories!

Figure and Bikini Competition 101: Lesson Two - Training

V-tapers and quad sweeps are necessary for a competition-ready bod. It's no secret that Oddo knows the way to get them!

Figure and Bikini Competition 101: Lesson Three - Stage Preparation

There's a lot more to figure competitions than great shoulders--although they help! Check out these hair, makeup, suit and tanning basics.

Figure and Bikini Competition 101: Lesson Four - Psychology

Your mind is a powerful engine; and you need it running on all cylinders to be competitive. Don't leave your brain directionless: see how to get your right mind in the game!