Ken Climbed His Way Back To A Fit Body!

After suffering an injury Ken looked in the mirror one day and didn't like what he saw. He wanted to get back in shape and be an inspiration to his children. See how achieved it!

Vital Stats

Name: Ken DeWitt
Bodyspace: dewittk

Ken DeWitt Ken DeWitt


242 lbs
Body Fat:


221 lbs
Body Fat:

Why I Got Started

I have been fit for most of my life, from the time I was 12-years old I have lifted and ran daily. 8 years in the Marine Corps and 5 years as a beat cop fed my obsession. Then I became a headhunter, and I had to make it part of my lifestyle vs. part of my training for my job.

As the years passed, the more I worked out, the more successful I was at work.The more I worked out, the more energy I had for my children. I was in peak fitness shape when I fell down a winding staircase in an old home, landing on my back. I was out with pinched nerves and bulging disks for almost two years before I discovered inversion therapy (have a bar and boots in my bedroom now!), at which point I made a full recovery in two weeks! No more drugs, no surgery, no steroid shots in my spine.

I looked in the mirror one day (my before picture) and saw a big fat slob who used to workout. I decided it was time to get back on top of my game. I had allowed my injury to be my excuse. I was not going to wind up a slob who died of a heart attack at 50! I am amazed at the muscle memory my body has earned with all the years of hard work, it definitely paid off.

I have a long way to go to get to a 34-inch waist and ripped abs, but I will do it. The motto I taught my children is "I am a DeWitt and I don't quit!"

Quit? Ken doesn't even know the meaning of the word.

How I Did It

I work out 5 days per week, occasionally on Saturday, but never on Sunday. I made it part of my work day so that I do not interfere with family time, and they also do not interfere with my workout time.

Lift by plan, run by plan and eat by plan. I work based on a plan, my fitness and health is no different.

When it comes to Ken's plan, plan to lift heavy.


Pre & Post Workout:

Post Workout & Before Bed:

Three Times Daily:


I eat 5-6 meals per day that include a fistful of protein and fistful of carbs. I take a free day on Saturdays. It's important to eat a solid mix of carbs and protein immediately following workouts.

Meal 1:

Meal 2: Post Workout


I do 3 different workouts and vary my starting workout on Monday each week.

Day 1: Chest/Abs

Day 2: Upper Body/Abs

Superset (last set of first exercise only):

Superset (last set of first exercise only):

Superset (last set of first exercise only):

Superset (last set of first exercise only):

Day 3: Legs/Glutes/Abs

Superset (last set of first exercise only):

Superset (last set of first exercise only):

Superset (last set of first exercise only):

Day 4: Chest/Abs

Same As Day 1.

Day 5: Upper Body/Abs

Same As Day 2.

Day 6: Legs/Glutes/Abs

Same As Day 3.

Day 7: Rest


I run every day immediately after lifting. I have a favorite 3.2 mile run near my house at an average of 8:30 minute per mile pace. 90% of the days, I do that run.

Some days, I do HIIT running either on the treadmill or road, 5-6x 30 second bursts of sprinting with 60 seconds of slow running.

Suggestions for Others

Make the workout part of your day; put it on your calendar as an appointment.

Do not let anything or anyone get in the way. It is the small efforts that make the biggest long-term results.

Involve the family if you can.

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