Can Weight Training Cause A Loss Of Femininity In Women?

Many opinions would have you believe that weight training and bodybuilding will transmute women into men. Here's the truth about how it will not take away your femininity. Find out more right here.

Many of you are probably wondering, is it possible to stay feminine and gentle while exercising with weights? I have heard comments like "weight training is not for women" many times.

Working as a personal trainer, I have heard the scared voices of women telling me that they do not want to look like a man. There is an opinion that women can gain muscle overnight if they exercise with weights.

Sometimes weight training is misleading. Some people think that weight training and bodybuilding will transform women into men.

Is It Possible To Stay Feminine And Gentle While Exercising With Weights?
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Is It Possible To Stay Feminine And
Gentle While Exercising With Weights?

What Does The Word "Femininity" Mean?

Femininity - physical and behavioral characteristic as tenderness in women.

Femininity comes from the way you look, the way you move, the way you dress, hairstyle or make-up you wear and the way you express yourself. It is the full package. It is not because you are shaping your body.

How can you lose femininity if your waist is getting leaner, your butt is getting tighter and your legs are getting fuller? With weight training you carve your body and make beautiful curves. All of these physical characteristics represent modern, healthy, fit and nicely shaped women.

I've been exercising with weights for 20 years now. I came from a culture and country where bodybuilding and weight training was mostly popular for men. I will never forget the reaction of my family when I told them that I love and enjoy being in this sport.

In the gym where I exercised there were only men. I could not find any kind of support, either from my family or my friends. My mom thought I was going to destroy my body with weight training. I wanted to prove her and everyone else wrong. I wanted to prove that weight training is equally fine for women and men.

I Wanted To Prove Her And Everyone Else Wrong.
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I Wanted To Prove Her And Everyone Else Wrong.

I knew from the beginning what I wanted to accomplish with this sport. I knew what kind of body I wanted. I knew that with a shaped body I would look fit, sexy, strong and yet feminine. In my mind I knew that lifting weights would not make me hard, less gentle or less feminine.

Being feminine is what we think and how we feel. Being sexy and attractive comes from the inside. A beautifully and nicely shaped body can only help us express how we feel. I knew that if I shaped my body the way I imagined I would be able to express more myself as a woman.

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Honestly, nothing could stop me once I felt what this sport did for my mind, body and soul. This is why I decided to write about this and tell what fitness, weight training and bodybuilding is about.

I want everyone, especially ladies, to know that there is no better or healthier way to shape your body than through this sport. So, as I said, I've been exercising for 20 years now. Do I look or feel like a man? Not at all. I lift heavy weights. All I do in my workouts is weight training. I hardly do any cardio.

There Is No Better Way To Shape Your Body Than Through This Sport.
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There Is No Better Way To Shape Your
Body Than Through This Sport.

I love the feeling in my body while I exercise with weights. I am shaping my body. With this sport I am making my body healthy and strong. Besides shaping and carving my body, I focus on staying feminine and gentle.

Being muscular in the competitive world of bodybuilding is a different story. It is a life of dedication, a life of profession, the life of an athlete...

A fitness lifestyle, weight training and body shaping is for anyone who wants to look beautiful, fit, attractive and in shape, improve their health, and feel good in their body, mind and soul. Here is some practical advice on how to stay feminine while exercising with weights:

    • Remember the difference between weight lifting and weight training or bodybuilding. Weight lifting is about how heavy you lift. Weight training or bodybuilding is about body shaping.

    • Know what weight training is really about; shape your body the way you want.

    • Never believe training with weights will make you less feminine. Is femininity what you want to keep or improve? Exercising with weights will not change your femininity... it will improve it.

    • Outside of the gym, practice and show your feminine side through the way you style yourself, walk and talk.

    • Being gentle, tender and feminine is about how you feel, what you think and how you present yourself.

  • Do not compare yourself with a woman who is a professional athlete in bodybuilding. As I mentioned earlier, those women are professionals and the way they look is for the competitive stage only. Being more muscular as a woman does not mean less feminine.

Bodybuilding, weight training and aerobic exercise bring mental, emotional, physical and spiritual balance. By balancing your entire mental, emotional, physical and spiritual state you will be able to stimulate and optimize your femininity on a higher level.

Shape Your Body The Way You Want It.
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Shape Your Body The Way You Want It.

Ladies who engage in bodybuilding, weight training and aerobic exercise have a better chance to develop and increase positive self-esteem, positive body-image, better self-presentation, healthier eating patterns, and overall healthier and a more positive lifestyle.

Bodybuilding, weight training and aerobic exercise will help you develop a strong, toned, energetic and fit body. However, you are the one who can control how much stronger you want to look, and certainly if you want to emphasize feminine appearance while exercising in the gym, you can do that too.


I hope this article will answer some, if not all, of the questions about staying feminine and exercising in the gym. Stay healthy, fit and strong. And do not forget that no matter what you do you are first and foremost a woman.