Keene To Win: Candice Keene Wins Figure International

The 2013 Arnold Sports Festival played host to a close Figure fight. Candice Keene beat Erin Stern and won her first Ms. Figure International crown!

1 / Candice Keene

The 2013 Ms. Figure International has been crowned! Celebrating her birthday, Candice Keene won her very first Ms. Figure International title. Candice displayed her best-ever physique and managed to beat an incredibly talented lineup of top-tier Figure competitors. Congratulations to Candice on her top marks and fantastic presentation!

2 / Heather Dees

Heather Dees brought her best shape ever and scored tonight's second-place spot. She had an impressive showing, great conditioning, and her overall shape helped her net the runner-up title.

3 / Erin Stern

The night's biggest upset came in the form of Erin Stern's third-place finish. Erin was the favorite to win tonight, but the crown was just beyond her grasp. Her physique looked noticeably smaller than at last year's Olympia, which surely impacted her score.

4 / Candice Lewis

Candice Lewis impressed the judges with her tiny waist and well-developed lats. Her broad shoulders, symmetry, and killer quads earned her fourth place.

5 / Mallory Haldeman

Mallory Haldeman grabbed fifth. Having placed fourth in the 2012 Olympia, Mallory earned yet another spot in the top five. Her strong legs, great core, and overall shape definitely contributed to her high marks.

6 / Camala Rodriguez

Camala Rodriguez's move to Figure has paid off handsomely. She earned sixth place. Her physique is balanced and her great conditioning keeps her in the top ranks. Expect more from Camala as she continues her Figure fight!

Congratulations again to Candice Keene, the new Ms. Figure International. She managed to beat Erin at the Arnold, but the Olympia is always another story. Keep a close eye on the feisty world of Figure!

Final Results ///
  1. Candice Keene
  2. Heather Dees
  3. Erin Stern
  4. Candice Lewis
  5. Mallory Haldeman
  6. Camala Rodriguez