James St. Leger Fitness 360: Supplements

When the body is put under the rigorous training of police officers and MMA masters, diet and whole foods just aren’t enough.

James St. Leger, Grenade Nutrition athlete and general ass-kicker, engages in grappling, boxing, wrestling, martial arts, lifting, CrossFit, and more. He puts his body through ordeals of intense strength and endurance, and he fuels his performance with clean nutrition and precision supplementation. Check out St. Leger's supplement stack.


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St. Leger's Supplement Philosophy ///

James St. Leger started taking supplements only recently, when he tested his mettle against the fists and feet of mixed martial arts.

That sort of training demands the boost in recovery and growth supplements can provide. St. Leger says he wished he had started using supplements earlier!

It's possible to get the majority of your nutritional requirements through food, but St. Leger feels that training with his particular brand of rabid intensity demands the help of supplements.

The smart stack St. Leger takes supports his performance, recovery, and general health.

St. Leger's Supplement Regimen ///
With Meal 1: Upon waking
With Meal 2: Breakfast
With Meal 4: Pre-workout
With Meal 5: Post-workout
With Meal 6
With Meal 7
With Meal 9