An Interview With Sarah Orbanic!

Fitness Model Sarah Orbanic shares the lowdown on what's happening lately. Check out her amazing pics!

Sarah is a down-to-earth, funny lil chica currently residing in LA. She's been on several covers and can be seen nearly every month in the fitness magazines. Ms. Orbanic was kind enough to share a bit about herself and let's us in on her disappointment of not finding any monkeys in the trees upon moving to the USA.

Sarah Orbanic

Born/Grew up in:
All over the place... I'm really a Nomad.

Do you ever go back to Croatia?
In 1990 right before the war broke out. My father was still living in Croatia at the time. I had forgotten how to speak Croatian, and he didn't understand English... it was pretty tough not being able to communicate with him.

Current Residence:
Los Angeles

Current Occupation:
Personal Trainer

Do you miss being in the ER room?
Not at all. All the employees were pretty negative about having to work in the E.R. I'm in a much happier place now.

Favorite Hobby:
Learning how to do new things.

Cat or dog kinda girl?
I have 2 dogs and 2 cats... so both.

Are you still training with Joe Marmol?
Nope! We broke up.

Who's been your mentor in the fitness industry?
I really haven't had a mentor... but there are a lot of ladies who inspire me. Such as Cynthia Hill, Jelena Djordjevic, Kim Lyons.

Favorite Photographer you've shot with?
Stewart Volland. He has a wonderful style, great lighting, and make me look my best. He recently shot me for the Jan 2004 Oxygen cover.

Ever have a fan freak ya out with a request?
I don't freak out easy. There isn't much that can shock me. If it's a really freaky e-mail I normally have fun sharing it with people that I know will get a kick out of it.

How did you get your start in fitness modeling:
I won a sponsorship with Met-Rx in Hawaii. I was there competing in the Hawaiian Tropic Nationals.

What advise do you have to young women trying to get sponsorships or get into fitness modeling?
Be professional. Show up what time you are supposed to. Have a great attitude, and stay in shape. With most of my modeling jobs, I only get a few days notice. If you are out of shape you are out of a job.

What's in your CD player right now?
Actually I have an iPod - which I love! I could never go back to CD's. I would recommend it to anyone. I have a whole play list of different songs for different situations.

When you're not dieting what might someone see you chowwing down on?
I eat pretty clean most of the time... I do enjoy a nice hamburger every now and then.

Biggest Pet Peeve:
I love fitness but it doesn't mean that's all I want to talk about. Sometimes at the fitness shows when I have to go out to dinner with everyone, I'll get stuck with someone who wants to talk about fitness ALL night. When you live it, breath it, and sleep it... you just want to get away from it.

What makes someone attractive:
Their inner confidence. I find unconfident people very unattractive, and believe me I can tell a fake.

The question all the fellas reading this want to know... are you Single?

What pickup line has worked on ya?
The one that worked for my boyfriend was "would you like to go have a beer".

Last movie you saw?

What's something people may not know about you?
Before I moved to the United States my mom told me that there were monkeys in all the trees here. I was really excited to come here because of it. I had an entire plan on how I was going to catch one and keep it as a pet. You can imagine my disappointment when I stepped off the airplane.

Can all your fans expect to see you again at the Arnold Classic?
I hope so.

Goals/ambitions for the future:
To learn more. I'm currently learning how to shoot video and edit.

Web site:

Anything we missed that you1d like to offer to people reading this?
I think that's about it.

Thanks Sarah! Best of luck to you!

Thank You.

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