Gym Mojo -- 4 Crucial Steps To Finding Your Inner Motivation

Learn how to see the inner drive, willpower, determination, inspiration, and motivation needed to transform.

The idea behind the expression, "Seeing is believing," dates back to Biblical times. That's right-it's as old as snot. People have been rehashing this controversial conflict between empirical evidence and faith throughout much of modern history.

What you can see with your eyes and measure with your senses tends to take the cake in everyday life. From school to work to fitness, we follow cold, hard facts.

Nutrition, physical training, and supplementation-the three key spheres of fitness are also dominated by facts, science, and results. We've got to see the proof to believe the plan.

But what about the motivated needed to follow the plan? Can you "see" inner drive, willpower, determination, inspiration, and motivation? Unfortunately, it doesn't. The first step to shaping up happens in the mind--where you might never see it.

Here's a breakdown of how you can get motivated once and for all. You're going to have to believe in yourself enough to stick to the program before you see results.

Step No. 1: Rewrite a History of Yo-Yo Dieting

The first step you need to take is not necessarily to join a gym or say, "Okay, today is Day 1 of my diet!" Instead, change your point of view about the dieting and/or transformation process.

Transformations don't just happen. There's no magic supplement or lucky metabolism handed down by genetics. Okay, there may be one or two of those out of a million. But whether you can or can't buy the top supplements or the best of the best trainers, you can still transform your life.

Check out what transformation expert and athlete Kris Gethin has to say about motivation: Superficial types of goals tend to make people quit sooner and even minimize enjoyment. That's a lose-lose situation if I've ever seen one.

You've got to really want the change. Not just because you want to be ripped like a maniac and on the cover of a magazine; not just because you want to attract the star football player; not just because you want to prove something to the people who judged you or called you names. Achieving any of those things may be positive consequences of your transformation, but they won't fuel you forever. Focus on what Gethin calls "limitless motivation" to get you through.

We're talking lifestyle change for the better. More energy. More happiness. Better relationships with your friends and family. A better inner you to match a sexier outer you. Forever.

If thoughts like these can start to motivate you, you're on the right track.

Step No. 2: Break the Status Quo and Become Fit

Let's get real. For every successful weight-loss or muscle-building story you've looked at, there are another hundred people falling off the rickety wagon. Imagine that the "journey to the land of being super-fit" is a lot like the infamous Oregon Trail video game. Very few will make it to the end. Jimmy dies of dysentery. Susan breaks a leg; she dies. Your oxen drown. Your sister falls off the wagon, literally, and dies as well.

Of course, nobody dies from falling off the fitness wagon, but the point is that many obstacles stand in the way of achieving the best shape of your life. But it's not impossible.

If you're one of the many people who've strayed from the path, or lost your way entirely, don't be ashamed or disheartened. Maybe your self-confidence is low, or it's never been that high to begin with. It's understandable that'd you think, "Well, I'm just born this way; it's genetic, and nothing I do can change it." I won't judge you for thinking that. But you should realize that you're condemning yourself to a life of, "Jimmy got dysentery and died," rather than, "You made it to the end of the Oregon Trail and lived happily ever after."

The one thing that every person who completes a body transformation has in common is the belief that success was and is possible. Ponder this: Would someone actually commit to training day after day; eat foods that don't satisfy the same cravings; and monitor the results every step of the way if she didn't believe in herself once and for all?

If it seems unlikely, that's because it is.

Step No. 3: From Ancient India to Modern Marketing: Building a Motivation Tool Belt

Now that you understand that you must change your mindset, let's get you motivated with the repetition of a mantra. A mantra, in this case, is a saying that when repeated has the power to help you change your mindset for good.

Use the following statement as your mantra:

"I, (your name here), will be among those great people that have made dramatic transformations to their bodies and lives because I now believe in my own mind that I am no different than they are and will do whatever it takes to make this transformation happen for me. I have no doubts about this and my time to succeed is right now!"

Wait a second--you read that in silence, didn't you? When you hear great leaders make speeches, it inspires you, right? And when you hear your favorite song live, it stays with you forever, right? This is no different. When you hear the words being spoken aloud in your own voice, it will inspire you.

Now, let's combine the idea of a mantra with the "Rule of Seven" that people in marketing use. The rule says that a prospective customer must either see or hear your message seven times before he buys your product.

In the most confident voice possible, recite the statement aloud, with pride and excitement-not once but seven times!

"I, (your name here), will be among those great people that have made dramatic transformations to their bodies and lives because I now believe in my own mind that I am no different than they are and will do whatever it takes to make this transformation happen for me. I have no doubts about this and my time to succeed is right now!"

Go ahead and write this statement down in bold writing. Tack it up in your bedroom. Then make another copy and hang it in your bathroom. Keep going until there's one in every room you visit! All negativity can stop right now because you will do this for yourself, for your family or loved ones, and for all of those people that believe in you like you should believe in yourself.

Whatever you thought was previously impossible should be deleted from your mind. If you want an inspirational story to help you do this, just look at the story of wheelchair bodybuilder Nick Scott. That's right, I wrote wheelchair bodybuilder.

His nickname is The Beast. It was chosen for a reason.
His nickname is The Beast. It was chosen for a reason.
His nickname is The Beast. It was chosen for a reason.

Nick suffered a spinal cord injury and was told he'd never walk again. But instead of letting his life slip away, he took control of his health and transformed his body and mind. Check out videos and pictures of Nick's success on his BodySpace profile: The Beast.

Step No. 4: Take It to Infinity and Beyond!

Yes, I'm using a Disney-Pixar quote to describe motivation. But is anyone going to argue that Toy Story is not an inspirational movie? Buzz Lightyear did indeed have to believe in himself before he took the plunge. Stories about self-confidence and the power of the mind are everywhere.

Now that you've said your mantra out loud seven times, you might be starting to feel its power. Maybe you don't have a plan of action, but you know that you can succeed. You have new energy. You have more confidence.

In your mind, the transformation will already be complete. All you have to do is go through the physical measures to make it a reality. Fortunately for you, you're already in the right place. You can get a detailed nutrition and workout plan from Find a Plan that fits your level of fitness (beginner, intermediate, or advanced), and you can even find online training buddies and a community of support on BodySpace.

Whenever you get down on yourself, cheat on your diet, or feel guilty for skipping a workout, just repeat your mantra and visit to find new avenues of inspiration. Remember, transforming your body is not a one-time deal; take your life in your hands and commit to a happier, healthier you.