International Transformation Of The Month: Aussie Builds Body To Soothe The Mind

Learn how Simone beat back depression and anxiety, added muscle to her underweight frame, and found a life that's happier and healthier.

Why I Got Started

At first, I just wanted to improve my health. I wasn't taking good care of myself: I was stressed, anxious, and depressed. I wasn't eating as much as I should have been. My doctor told me I needed to put on weight, so I decided to get healthy as I gained the necessary weight.

I started training at Doherty's Gym City, where I met my first trainer and mentor, who also happened to own the gym. He trained me once per week and showed me how to use the free weights and machines. I became interested in bodybuilding, especially because I was training at one of Australia's best-known bodybuilding gyms. I went to a few shows, helped out backstage, and decided to give it a shot!

How Training Changed My Life

Training at Doherty's Gym City lit a spark in me—I really loved training and the way it made me feel. I felt like I had finally found my true passion!

I realized the results I was getting in the gym were not only physical, but also mental and emotional. I was getting healthy again. I looked great, but above all else, I felt great. My depression, anxiety and stress levels dissipated. It wasn't just my body that was changing. I also found that training made it much easier for me to eat properly. I learned to trust food again.

I was making positive improvements in the rest of my life as well. I really felt I was growing as a person. I have so much more self-confidence now, and I feel so happy and healthy all the time. I competed in my first figure competition this March and placed fourth! I had such a great time and I definitely want to keep competing and work toward earning a pro card with the IFBB.

If someone told me three years ago what I would be getting on a bodybuilding stage, I would never have believed them. The gym turned my life around—no, it saved my life! I am so thankful to have found my passion in training. I'm eternally grateful to all the staff and members of the gym, who have always been so supportive and encouraging.