International Transformation Of The Month: Luís Ascensão

With consistent training and clean nutrition, Luis transformed from a skinny soccer player into a muscular martial artist. Follow his full plan!

Name: Luís Ascensão
BodySpace: LuisAscensao, Country: Madeira Island, Portugal

Luís Ascensão Luís Ascensão
AGE 21
194 lbs
AGE 22
183 lbs

Why I Got Started

In 2003 I started playing football (soccer). I enjoyed it, but one day I saw a martial arts movie and my entire world changed. I was impressed with the actors' muscular bodies and the fluid way they moved. In 2004, I decided to start practicing karate.

After nearly four years of practice, I participated in European Championship Karate (EKF). I was the first karateka from Madeira to participate in this competition. In 2010, after about six years of practice, I graduated from Karate 1st Dan (black belt).

In 2011, I suffered a knee injury that resulted in an operation and a considerable increase in my body fat. It was then that I decided to research fitness more thoroughly. I reviewed the available literature and carefully selected relevant topics. From that, I learned what to manipulate in order to transform my body.

How I Did It

Since the age of fifteen, I have trained hard and practiced karate. After my knee injury, the dedication I used to focus on karate transferred to a passion for and dedication to the weight room. I even dream about lifting weights!

Suggestions for Others

All this work may seem difficult, but you can do it. Training is much easier and usually much better when you can do it with someone who has more experience. That way, you have a friend who can help motivate and train you to do the movements properly.

Only you control what you do, so do not let anyone say you cannot.

Country-specific Details

On the island of Madeira, physical activity is not a big part of the culture. Fortunately, many people walk along the beautiful promenades along the sea. I like to complement running and walking with strength training.