Holiday Travel Ahead? Try These 3 Travel Friendly, No Gym Workouts

Achieve full-body fit maintenance that can be done anywhere, anytime, anyhow!

The holidays mean many things to many people, but for students, they mean school's out for winter, to paraphrase Alice Cooper. While some people travel to join the family, you may seek out the novel or new experience by traveling elsewhere. While away, you might eat crazy food, go to one-of-a-kind bars or clubs, and experiment with a lot of other stuff that doesn't exactly meet healthy criteria - or Mom's approval.

Who would be so square to NOT indulge in some of the vices available on a trip that you're more than likely to never experience again? No wonder we tend to forget to unpack our fitness and dietary regimens when we take trips.

So don't forget to pack the Nomad's Fitness Handbook - 3 creative workouts that go top to bottom, don't require a gym pass or unnecessary equipment, and will help your body stay sexy on the trip of a lifetime.

Work Your Upper Body With A Backpack

Why a backpack? Because, it's easy to load with weight, has comfortable straps, and you'll probably have one on your trip anyway - it's the perfect free-weight substitute for the nomad. You can curl, squat and even press it! No matter where you are, just load it with anything you can find and start lifting.

Upper Body Backpack Blast Attack!

The 'Ab'solute Circuit

The first indicator you're getting out of shape is a big ol' round gut, so here are some exercises to keep your washboard polished from day one to day DONE. Complete one set for each exercise with no rest (that translates as 1 round, people) and rest for 1 minute before starting the next round. You will complete 3 rounds of this ab circuit.

On-The-Road 'Ab' Solution

Stairs: The Original Leg Workout

Hills, mountains, jungle trails, stairs ... climbing heights, walking upright ... legging out distances was Man's first exercise. We all know it is true, and there are just so darn many stairs out there. If you're staying at a hotel, I'm going to go out on a limb and assume you will encounter a stairwell at some point during your adventures. So, challenge your legs a bit with some old-school leg work.

Uphill Lower Body Leg Training

And Don't Forget Your CARDIO, Lazy Bones

Thought you were going to get out of doing cardio, eh? Nope. Travel allows for plenty of cardio options. Try taking a scenic hike and bring your camera, or do some biking, walking, or jogging to see the city. Personally, I like finding good spots to play pick-up basketball or other sports so I can let loose in a competitive setting. You could also just bring an easy-to-pack jump rope or make sure to use the hotel pool or treadmill.

Road Warrior Cardio

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