Gym Of The Month: The HUB Gym

Some gyms exist within communities, but only a special few become the HUB of a city!

Name of gym: The HUB
Address: 507 N. Main St. Broken Arrow, Okla. 74012
Sq Ft: 7,000 sq ft
Website/contact info:,, 918-994-4299
Hours of operation: 24/7 fitness facility
Staff hours: 10 a.m.-7 p.m. Monday- Friday; 10 a.m.-2 p.m. Saturdays
Trainers on staff: Four
Founders/owners: Roger Chasteen, Lily Owens, Ryan Fagala
Membership: Individual, couple, family, corporate, guest and day passes

The HUB Gym in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, took over a structure that previously stood as a grocery store and farmers cooperative until 2003.

Now, as part of Broken Arrow's arts and entertainment district, The HUB Gym helps hold the community to a higher health standard.

The gym is stacked with cardio and strength equipment including barbells up to 200 pounds.

It hosts health seminars as well as classes in spinning, PiYo (pilates plus yoga), cardio kickboxing, Zumba and functional training boot camps.

Need to know more? Co-founder Lily Owens gave us the low-down. Read on to discover all about the September 2012 Gym of the Month!

How did the gym start?

The HUB started because of manager Luke Owens' passion for fitness and for helping people make a difference in their lives. It also became an answer to all the big-box gyms in our city.

We know not everyone feels comfortable in those environments, and so the HUB is the anti-big box gym. You're not a number at the HUB; you're part of the HUB family.

Give us a description on what went into opening your awesome establishment.

Lots of praying, hard work, determination, praying, sweat, tears, and praying! Opening any business is hard work, but a gym can be especially difficult. We had to secure financing and investors, order the best equipment, and establish the perfect HUB team.

Our building is an old grocery store from the 1950s, so we also had to wait for it to be fully renovated and built out for a gym.

What makes your gym different?

The HUB gym is a locally owned, community-centered 24/7 fitness facility. We strive to really get to know our members and build relationships.

We have local art featured in the gym, and we offer an array of different fitness classes, including a break dance class open to young kids.

We also embrace our Main Street location by doing outdoor boot camps and couch-to-5k trainings.

What sort of people does your gym attract?

The HUB attracts a wide variety of people, and we welcome everyone. We have a lot of ladies who love our group fitness classes, families who enjoy our friendly and welcoming atmosphere, and serious workout folks who need a deadlift platform and heavy weights.

What inspires people to train at your facility?

Our members like to train at the HUB because it's like being part of a family. You meet people and build relationships inside the HUB that continue outside the gym, and it definitely makes "going to the gym" something to look forward to.

Do you have top-notch trainers, at your facility?

We have top-notch trainers at the HUB. Our trainers love working with our members, building relationships, and producing results.

Our trainers are really varied in their accomplishments and interests. One of our trainers is HKC Kettlebell certified.

What special services do you provide?

The HUB offers a little bit of everything, from small group training in kettlebells to one-on-one personal training, to couch-to-5k training where we conduct all our training runs right out on Main Street.

We have a "heavier-lifting" room that has a deadlift floor, heavy-duty squat rack, and other weight training equipment built to withstand some serious training.

We also offer an annual Biggest Loser-style weight loss challenge called Overhaul, as well as boot camps. Another unique thing about the HUB is that when a member joins, a staff member will meet with them and walk them through our HUB First Step Program, where we help them get acquainted with the gym and assess their goals.

They also learn how to properly use all the equipment. We also have the HUB Shop, which is dedicated to selling supplements, drinks, shirts, and general gym necessities.

Who are your most notable present and past members?

We are very fond of our members; they're inspiring and keep us wanting to be the best gym around. A few of our members have recently been highlighted on

One member, Josh Aurelius, recently completely transformed his body in six months, winning a national BSN/ contest for his hard work. Another, Clyde Turner, was just voted Top Body Transformation with an amazing 110-lb weight loss.

Their dedication in the gym is inspiring to us all, and they are always more than willing to talk to other members interested in transforming their bodies.

What is the hardest part about operating your gym?

The hardest part about operating the gym is realizing that there will be tough decisions to make. You can't make everyone happy. We just focus on being service-hearted and making the members' experiences great each time they walk through the door.

What makes you stand out over the gym chains?

We focus on our members and their experiences, not reaching a certain number of members. We offer excellent service, awesome training, and a top-notch facility. We believe it's better to focus on our members than our competition. We're not a big-box gym, we don't want to be, and therefore there will always be some things we can't compete with the chain gyms on.

We understand this, and we just focus on being the best HUB we can be. And it's paying off: The HUB was voted number one fitness center and athletic center in Broken Arrow over four major national gym chains, and now it's the gym of the month on!

How have you been able to remain so successful, and how do you plan to remain so?

At The HUB we have a saying, it's kind of hokey but it's how we truly feel: "We don't have members, we have 'friendbers.'" We like to get to know our members, make them feel comfortable, and invest in their fitness journey.

This way, the HUB becomes a place our members look forward to coming to, and not someplace they dread. The HUB is more than a gym. It's an experience.