Gym Of The Month: Axiom - Boise

When Axiom hit the training scene in Boise's Treasure Valley a few years ago, one of America's fittest cities got even fitter with their help. Here's how they did it.

Axiom Fitness aims to make Boise's Treasure Valley the fittest community in America. That's no easy challenge, but as bastions of such goals and members of said community, we at are all in!

The Axiom Fitness chain is made from severed links of the Gold's Gym franchise. Axiom bought three fitness centers in the valley to make them all locally owned and operated. A fourth building is under construction and community involvement is at an all-time high.

They took a national chain, localized it, and are on their way to achieving Steve Appleton's initial goal to make the Treasure Valley a priceless gem in the vast expanse of American fitness. No goal is too lofty if you have the endurance to see it through.

Read our interview with Axiom rep JP Green to learn why Axiom Fitness has been named Gym of the Month!

Axiom is one of the coolest gyms I've ever seen, and I've traveled around the U.S. visiting plenty over the past 6 years. How did the gym get started?

We started 13 years ago under a different name. The company went through a rebrand two years ago to create Axiom. We started to the company with the focus of making the Treasure Valley (Boise area) the fittest community in America, and we still strive for that today.

I began working in the industry because I have always been passionate about fitness and am fascinated with the human body. I was planning on becoming a doctor, but fell in love with fitness and decided to practice preventative medicine.

Can you give us a description on what went into opening your establishment?

I can only speak to rebrand; I was not part of the organization originally. We are creating a brand which we feel fits the culture of our clubs and allows us to continue to spread the "Truth in Fitness." I have a great team of fitness professionals who are passionate about creating positive change every day.

What makes your gym different?

This is simple. It's our people. Sure, our clubs are great, but it's the people who truly make the Axiom difference.

"Axiom is known as a fitness-minded individual's playground, loaded with high-tech and new equipment."

Axiom is known as a fitness-minded individual's playground, loaded with high-tech and new equipment. One of our organizational truths is: "We will provide an open and friendly environment for everyone." With that said, we welcome people of all fitness levels to our clubs. We definitely have a large number of fitness competitors who use our clubs due to our equipment selection and programming, but we also have a strong program for seniors to help them enjoy their golden years.

What inspires people to train at your facility?

Results. The environment in our clubs is electric, and it's hard not to get motivated when you are here. This helps drive results for our members.

"We have an incredible group of trainers who are all focused on results."

What makes your trainers stand out?

We have an incredible group of trainers who are all focused on results. It's difficult to pick anyone out in particular. Our top trainer for the past couple years has been Kenny McDaniel, at our Parkcenter location. Kenny does an incredible job retaining clients, which means he gets great results for the people who work with him. He can design programs for athletes, seniors, and people interested in general health. He has the personality to fit all those types of clients. He does a great job for us.

What special services do you provide?

We provide the standard services along with massage therapy, tanning, small group training, our Axiom Fuel center, nutrition counseling, Ax-Fit (metabolic conditioning classes), Les Mills Group Exercise, Kids Club, and more. There is very little that our gyms don't offer!

Why do you include women's only areas at your locations?

We do offer that in two of our clubs, Parkcenter and Meridian. We do this to allow space for women who may not feel as comfortable on the main floor, or who prefer a quieter environment to enjoy the benefits of exercise.

Some of your locations have a swimming pool and basketball courts. Can you give a description of what each location has to offer?

Our three locations have close to 100 pieces of cardio equipment and plenty of resistance equipment. Here are the amenities unique to each location:

  • Parkcenter: racquetball, pool, women's area, Axiom Performance Center, massage, UV free and UV tanning
  • Meridian: basketball, Axiom Performance Center with youth programming, women's area
  • Fairview: pool, basketball, UV free and UV tanning, massage

Can you tell us about your Off The Field Training and Ax-Fit programs?

Off the Field is programming at our Axiom Performance Center geared for young athletes. The program has produced unbelievable results and has helped train several state champions over the past year. The saying goes, "champions are made off the field," and our team helps these athletes understand that concept. We help the athletes improve their performance through weightlifting.

Ax-Fit is our metabolic conditioning class. It is for individuals who are competitive and looking to take their current fitness to another level.

Can you tell us more about your app?

The downloadable app is an incredible feature for our members! Through the app, our members can stay in touch with the clubs, view class schedules, enroll in our loyalty program, and receive discounts from local small business partners in the community ... all for free! It is one of the most exciting pieces of technology I have seen. You can get it by searching the app stores for "axiom fitness."

What is Axiom Perx?

Axiom Perx is a program through our app that allows our members to receive discounts at local small business partners just for being members. Our goal is to have our members be able to save up to $50 each month on the things they already do, thus increasing their value in our relationship.

If people aren't members, can they still go to your website and get information about health and fitness on your blog?

Yes, everyone can log on. We get some great feedback. With as a partner in this project, our members have access to an immense amount of information.

What is the hardest part about operating a gym?

I would say the most challenging part of operating our clubs is finding the right people to staff them. We have high expectations of our team to deliver a great product and experience, and such people are not always easy to find.

What makes you stand above other other gym chains?

People, facilities, and accountability for results make us a great value for our members.

"The environment in our clubs is electric. It's hard not to get motivated when you are here."

How have you been able to remain successful?

We understand that we are in the customer service business, and we offer fitness as a product. We are growing with our fourth location in the first quarter of 2014. This new club will be incredible and will help continue to grow our presence in the Treasure Valley. We're excited to have our new club open and to continue to be a resource for healthy individuals in the area.

Is your gym involved in any charities or outreach programs?

We are proud to be involved in the community! We have participated in events such as:

  • Ultimate Urban Challenge supporting Make A Wish Idaho
  • Fight for Air climb supporting ALA
  • Light the Night Walk fighting cancer
  • Paint the Town
  • Idaho teachers

We have raised more than $50,000 over the past two years for local charities and groups. We are excited to continue growing and giving back to the Treasure Valley.