's Misc. Terms For Bodybuilding And Fitness!

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  • AAU
    Amateur Athletic Union. At one time, the AAU controlled the Mr. Universe, Mr. America, weightlifting and powerlifting contests, but that situation has changed in the last two decades. Now, this federation runs some bodybuilding shows in the Northeast USA.
  • ABA
    Amateur Bodybuilding Association. An organization located in California which considers itself the 'fastest growing amateur bodybuilding association in the USA.'
  • ABBF
    Arab Bodybuilding Federation.
  • ACE
    American Council on Exercise. ACE has courses which teach personal trainers, aerobics instructors, and gym owners the fine art of fitness promotions.
  • ACSM
    American College of Sports Medicine. Provides sports medicine professionals and health / fitness professionals with resources for their education, and preparations for their exams of obtain their certificates. Each summer, the ACSM holds its annual meeting, gathering the world's foremost experts in exercise science to discuss cutting edge training theories and present their current research.
  • AFWB
    The American Federation of Women Bodybuilders was formed in 1980, started by Susan Fry, Kim Cassidy and Doris Barrilleaux. Ben Weider had asked them to start up a national organization for women bodybuilders, to provide a place where amateur women bodybuilders can be in a group. The Superior Physique Association (SPA) eventually fell by the wayside as a result of the AFWB. This AFWB was absorbed by the National Physique Committee (NPC) when it was formed, as it was illegal to have two separate amateur federations for the IFBB.
  • American Health & Fitness
    Magazine premiered in 2000 by Robert Kennedy. Geared towards the average fitness man!
  • American Manhood
    A Joe Weider magazine in the 1950's.
  • ASCA
    The Anabolic Steroid Control Act. One of the major purposes of the Anabolic Steroid Control act was to reduce the overall health risk to Americans. This act was passed in 1990. It also made steroids illegal in the United States, and started a whole underground steroid movement, must like the drug culture.
  • Battle News
    A free publication (in magazine style) by Chemical Nutrition (Chemical Warfare), the company co-owned by Dorian Yates, Rich Kuempel, and Kerry Kayes, in Britain.
  • Ben Weider College of Bodybuilding
    Located in St. Petersburg, Russia, it provides top notch instruction to bodybuilding coaches and traners. Founded in 1992 by Vladimir Dubinin, president of the Russian Bodybuilding Federation (BBFR), and Elena Ryabinkova, chairperson of the federation's Medical Committee.
  • BBFR
    Bodybuilding Federation of Russia. An organization devoted to develop the bodybuilding sport in Russia.
  • Body Talk Magazine
    A magazine published by Doris Barrileaux in 1983, with the help of MTI and Dan Lurie. It absorbed the SPA News Newsletter, but lasted one issue. for there was no distribution for the new magazine.
  • CBBF
    1997 was the silver anniversary of the CBBF, the Canadian Bodybuilding Federation. The CBBF has their annual congress at the Canadian Bodybuilding Championship contest. Tony Blinn was president of the federation from 1985 to 1997. The new president of the CBBF is Mark Baker, and the secretary - treasurer is John McLellan. The CBBF was founded by Manitoba's Syd Pukalo and Quebec's Winston Roberts.
    Center for Education of Anabolic Steroid Effects. A non-profit organization that provides information on dealing with the abuse of steroids.
  • CWF
    Champion Wrestling Federation. A smaller professional wrestling federation than the WWF.
  • Dungeon, The (Muscle Beach Gym)
    The hole, or "Dungeon" as it was affectionately called by its attendees, was the beach-removed site of the Muscle Beach Gym. Two long, steep staircases penetrated the eternal dimness of the gym, illumination coming from 3 strategically located 60 watt bulbs. Too much light and you might see where you were and leave in a hurry. The concrete floor was cracked and bulging, the walls crumbling and the ceiling 12 feet overhead was sagging, especially where the ground floor bar leaked beerlike brownish ooze. An ankle deep puddle formed near the squat rack each winter and nobody used the shower or toilet except in emergencies. I hated emergencies!

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    Milk crates, old 2X4's and splintered plywood nailed together by nearsighted muscle-bound carpenters made up most of the benches and racks. Pulleys and twisted cable from a nearby Venice boatyard, a dozen Olympic bars, bent and rusty, tons of plates scattered throughout the 2500 square foot floor, dumbbells up to 160's that rattled at broken welds added final touches to complete unquestionably the greatest gym in the world.

  • ECW
    Extreme Championship Wrestling. This federation goes to different arena's, where they perform wrestling shows. Nichole Bass is on this circuit.
  • Flex Magazine
    Bodybuilding Magazine started by Joe Weider, in April 1983. It is the official magazine of the IFBB, and features hardcore bodybuilders.
  • FIBO
    A European Expo that normally takes place in Essen, Germany, and considered the biggest European bodybuilding and fitness expo. In 1998, the 20th FIBO attracted 450 exhibiters and 77,000 people passed through the expo.
  • Freakazoid Award
    Muscular Development magazine introduced this award for the 2004 Mr. Olympia. It originated out of an effort to help the athletes during the tough and uncertain times, for one of them to reap the reward for their tremendous hard work. MD gave away $10,000 to the bodybuilder that the panel of judges agreed is the freakiest freak onstage at the Mr. Olympia.
  • Grand Prix (IFBB)
    In July 1979, Oscar State was appointed to implement a Grand Prix circuit of Bodybuilding Contests, which required promoters to guarantee a purse of $15,000 for each event. It was originally planned to allow both amateurs and professionals to compete together, with the final event of the year to be called the IFBB Grand Prix World Final. The first Grand Prix bodybuilding contest (Grand Prix Florida) was on February 17, 1980 in Miami, Florida. Chris Dickerson won!
  • Great Lakes Fitness Guide
    Started in 1996; this tabloid was originally called Michigan Fitness Guide. It is run by Mike Calvin and his wife, from Novi, Michigan. Each issue is around 200 pages, featuring mostly NPC event from the Midwest region, plus profiles of IFBB and NPC athletes, and lots of pictures.
  • Gold's Gym
    Gold's Gym was founded by Joe Gold in 1964, when Joe created a specialized workout arena for bodybuilders. The first one was located at 1006 Pacific Avenue in Venice, which was the training home of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sergio Oliva, Franco Columbo, Frank Zane, Lou Ferrigno, Robby Robinson, and many, many others. Joe sold the gym eventually in the 1970's, and today, there are over 500 Gold's Gyms around them world.
  • Health & Strength Magazine
    A muscle magazine, started around 1898, in Britain, by Hopton Hadley. Hadley also started earlier that year with American Bernarr Macfadden a magazine called Physical Development, but severed business relations with Bernarr after a few months. Health & Strength Magazine became one of the longest running muscle magazines to date, only ceasing publication just recently. In 1932, Bob Hoffman changed the name to Strength & Health Magazine.
  • IBBF
    Indian Bodybuilding Federation. The latest bodybuilding federation in the country of India!
  • IFBB
    International Federation of Bodybuilders. The largest professional bodybuilding and fitness federation in the world, with branches in many countries! Started by Ben & Joe Weider, with George Jowett in 1946. Shows include the Mr. Olympia, Arnold Classic, Ironman Pro.
  • IFF
    International Fitness Federation, featuring events like the 'Fitness Stampede'.
  • IFSB
    International Fitness Sanctioning Body. The organization that runs the 'Ms. Fitness' contests!
  • IOC
    International Olympic Committee.
  • Ironman Magazine
    The longest running muscle magazine still in existence. Started publishing in August 1936, under the name Super Physique, under the guidance of Peary Rader. In October 1936, he changed the name to Ironman Magazine. In 1986, John Balik purchased the magazine.

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  • ISKA
    International Sport Karate Association. An association, one of its goals is promoting kickboxing as a no contact fitness activity for people of all ages.

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  • JBBF
    Japan Bodybuilding Federation. Hitoshi Tamari is the president of this federation. He founded the first bodybuilding club in Japan in the 1950s. He organized the first Japanese Bodybuilding Contest in 1956.
  • L'Athlete
    Considered one of the first muscle magazines, started in 1896. It was a weekly journal by Professor Edmond Desbonnet.
  • MM2K
    The shortened name of 'Muscle Media' magazine, when they were 'Muscle Media 2000.'
  • Mr. America
    A bodybuilding contest. First event was held in 1939, in fact two Mr. America contests were held that year with Roland Essmaker and Bert Goodrich being named the respective winners. The AAU originally sanctioned it.
  • Mr. Olympia
    A bodybuilding contest. First event was held in 1965, won by Larry Scott. It was the brainchild of Joe Weider. The IFBB sanctioned it.
  • Mr. Universe
    A bodybuilding contest. First event was held in 1948, won by John Grimek. The NABBA originally sanctioned it!
  • Mr. Universe Magazine
    Magazine started by Reg Park in March 1952, which lasted only eight issues.
  • Muscle Builder
    A Joe Weider magazine, first issue August 1953. Clancy Ross was at the editorial helm.
  • Muscle Digest
    A magazine started in 1976 by Dr. Wong. Ceased publication in 1984!
  • Muscle Power
    Published in 1945 by Joe Weider. Originally edited by Earle Liederman! First issue of September / October 1945, with Jack LaLanne on the cover!
  • Muscle Sports Fitness Magazine
    Joe Weider started this magazine in 1985. In 1987, the name was changed to Men's Fitness, which is still going strong today.
  • Muscle Training Illustrated
    MTI was a muscle magazine which folded in 1993 after 177 issues. Dan Lurie was the published of MTI.
  • Musclehedz
    A cartoon series, usually in Flex Magazine, that lampoons huge bodybuilders.
  • Musclesearch: The Roark Report
    A muscle newsletter started in 1985 by Joe Roark, currently the IFBB Men's Historian, which lasted for 27 issues, and featured articles on old time strength athletes.
  • MuscleMag International Magazine
    A magazine started by Robert Kennedy in the fall of 1974.
  • MuscleMan Magazine
    Magazine started by Reg Park in September 1952, which lasted only sixteen issues.
  • Muscular Development Magazine
    Started publication in January 1964, by Bob Hoffman, which was edited by John Grimek. In 1986, the Blechman family purchased the magazine, who also owned Twinlab Supplements.
    National Amateur Bodybuilders Association. It was founded in 1950 in England to give the United Kingdom bodybuilders a unified and strong organization in which to compete, and to give the athletes publicity and recognition. As bodybuilders from countries all over the world began to compete at the Universe, their countries' organizations joined NABBA and NABBA International was formed. NABBA International currently consists of more than 40 active nations making it the second largest world-wide.
  • NABF
    North American Bodybuilding Association, Founded by Al Thurston, from Rhode Island, is an organization which sponsors natural bodybuilding contests, mostly along the East Coast.
    North American Natural Bodybuilding Association. Founded by Jim Evans, from Minnesota!
  • NB&F
    Natural Bodybuilding and Fitness Magazine, a quarterly magazine dedicated to a drug-free lifestyle, edited by Steve Downs, published by Chelo Publishing.
  • NFPT
    National Federation of Professional Trainers. A federation that has certification and educational programs of people interested in becoming professional trainers! Ron J. Clark is the current president.
  • NFSB
    National Fitness Sanctioning Body. The organization that runs the Ms. Fitness contests in the USA.
  • NGA
    National Gym Association. Affiliated with the WNBF, it is an organization which sponsors natural bodybuilding contests, mostly in the Northeast USA. Established in 1979 for the purpose of maintaining the highest standards of safety, education and training for personal trainers!
  • NOC
    The Night of Champions bodybuilding contest, which is the longest running IFBB contest after the Mr. Olympia.
  • NPC
    National Physique Committee. The amateur bodybuilding and fitness federation in the United States! Affiliated with the IFBB.
  • NSCA
    National Strength and Conditioning Association. An organization that offers fitness professionals the latest information on new techniques and trends in strength training!
  • NutriMag Magazine
    Magazine started in 1999 by Jacob Frank, who owns the NutriStore Sports Nutrition Stores.
  • NWA
    National Wrestling Alliance. A smaller professional wrestling federation than the WWF!
  • Oxygen Magazine
    Magazine started in 1998 by Robert Kennedy, appealing to women's fitness.
  • Pump Magazine
    Magazine started in 1998 by John Cribbs and Jason Mathas, featuring the motto 'training and supplementation authority'.
  • Physical Development Magazine
    A muscle magazine started in 1898 by Hopton Hadley, and Bernarr Macfadden.
    South African Natural Bodybuilding Association. This is a WNBF affiliate, headed by Ronnie George, and Pat Peters.
  • SBBF
    Swiss Bodybuilding Federation. Current president (2000) is Thomas Inderkum, assisted by Harry Derglin.
  • SPA
    Superior Physique Association. A federation formed in 1978, by Doris Barrileaux, Linda Gleason, and Suzanne Kosak, for female bodybuilders. Before this, there was no formal group for female bodybuilders. The SPA established competition rules, and put on one of the first female bodybuilding contests. The SPA grew until they had state representatives in all but two states. They even had SPA branches in Europe. The SPA held judges clinics, had elections and operated with a board of directors. With the formation of the American Federation of Women's Bodybuilders, the SPA started to fall by the wayside, and gradually was absorbed.
  • SPA News
    Superior Physique Association newsletter, published by Doris Barrileaux from 1979 to 1983. MTI Magazine's editor Dan Lurie offered Doris her own magazine, entitled Body Talk. It absorbed the SPA News, but only one issue was every published, for there was no distribution for the magazine.
  • Steel Tip, The
    A training newsletter started in 1985 by Dr. Ken Leistner, which lasted 36 issues.
  • Strength & Health Magazine
    Originally called "Strength Magazine", started in 1902 by Alan Calvert. The magazine was sold after World War One to D.G. Redmond. whom then sold in 1932 to Bob Hoffman, who renamed it 'Strength & Health Magazine'. It ceased publication in 1986.
  • Strength & Health Magazine
    Originally called Health & Strength Magazine, this muscle magazine started around 1898, in Britian, by Hopton Hadley. Hadley also started earlier that year with American Bernarr Macfadden a magazine called Physical Development, but severed business relations with Bernarr after a few months. Health & Strength Magazine became one of the longest running muscle magazines to date, only ceasing publication just recently. In 1932, Bob Hoffman changed the name to Strength & Health Magazine.
  • Strongman Magazine
    In the 1930's, the Strongman Magazine became labeled the finest weight training periodical of it's time. Mark H. Berry edited the 'Strongman' Magazine from 1931-1933. In this magazine, they talked about result producing training strategies such as cheating movements, compound exercises and breathing squats. .
  • Substrate Solutions
    A sports supplement company introduced in 1998, owned by Met-Rx. The line is brought to you by Patrick Arnold, and A. Scott Connelly. Substrate Solution ceased to exist in 2000, when Met-Rx was purchased by Rexall Sundown, who was later purchased by Royal Numico.
  • Super Physique
    Original name of Ironman Magazine. Started publishing in August 1936, under the name Super Physique, under the guidance of Peary Rader. In October 1936, changed the name to Ironman Magazine! In 1986, John Balik purchased the magazine.
  • UFBB
    Ukrainian Bodybuilding Federation.
  • UFC
    Ultimate Fighting Championship.

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    United States Strict Curl Association. This organization has been around since 1988, and is California based.
  • WBBG
    World Bodybuilding Guild. A bodybuilding federation, founded in 1966 until its demise in the late 1970's! Sponsored events like the Pro Mr. America, the Mr. World, the Mr. Olympus, etc! Dan Lurie was the president of the Guild.
  • WCW
    World Champion Wrestling. Owned by Ted Turner and Time Warner! Competes against the WWF!
  • WFF
    World Figure Federation, featuring fitness contests like the 'Ms. Figure'.
  • WNBF
    World Natural Bodybuilding Association. Affiliated with the NGA, it is an organization which sponsors natural bodybuilding contests, mostly in the Northeast USA. Steve Downs is the WNBF Chairman!
  • WNSA
    World Natural Sports Association, started approx in 1998. Organized by Jeffrey Kippel, from Toronto, Canada. This organizations plan to get athletes a drug free environment in which to compete in. The association, which has a structured tier system of competition in place, caters to a wide variety of different activities, including bodybuilding, sports aerobics, extreme sports and obstacle course challenges.
  • Workout Magazine
    Mike Mentzer was the editor of this magazine that lasted only 18th months in 1984-1985.
  • World Gym
    World Gym was founded by Joe Gold in 1975. The first one was built in Santa Monica at 2210 Main Street. Joe Gold still is the main owner of the gyms, and there are over 250 franchise World Gym's around the world.
  • WSP
    Women and Strength Periodical. A newsletter in the early 1980's, in which women bodybuilders were featured!
  • WWF
    World Wrestling Federation; owned by Vince McMahon. Competing federations include the WCW, the NWA and the CWF. Bodybuilders and fitness competitors usually go to these federations because they can earn more money.
  • Your Physique
    Published in 1940 by Joe Weider. First issue has Bob Horvath on its cover. This magazine catered to a mostly bodybuilder clientele.
  • Your Physique
    Joe Weider's magazine, started in 1940. First issue was August 1940 with Barton Horvath on the cover.