Fitness Assault: 12 Motivational Workout Videos!

If you want to make big changes to your body and your mind, you need inspiration to do the work. Here are 12 awesome videos that provide a whole week's worth of motivation!

In bodybuilding and in life, we constantly search for what drives us. What is your fire? What propels your need? It's not just enough to walk into the gym, pick up a few weights, and leave. You're there to make changes. You're there to grow. It's difficult to do either without a heavy dose of motivation medicine.

Motivation can come in many forms: a pre-workout drink, your favorite song, or even a few stinging slaps to the face. Our favorite medium is videos. In them you can find the encouragement to be better today than you were yesterday. Get inspired to out-curl CT Fletcher, be bigger than Jay Cutler, beat Rich Froning, or arm-bar Ronda Rousey.

Watch these videos before you train, or include them in your breakfast. We're certain that at least one of them will spark your need to assault your workout and reclaim your goals.

12 Of Our Favorite Motivation Videos ///

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Lombardi "Winning is a Habit"

Watch The Video - 01:25

Vince Lombardi knew that winning isn't just happenstance. It's a product of calculated effort and habit. If this famous speech doesn't motivate you, we don't know what will!

Train Like Hell - SimplyShreddedTV

Watch The Video - 06:44

Why walk into the gym and hit a half-assed workout? If you want to be extraordinary, you have to take extreme measures. In this video, incredible athletes show you what it means to train insane.

Ronda Rousey

Watch The Video - 02:01

Being a fighter doesn't mean you have to spend every day in the cage. It means you go into every workout with unmatched intensity. Ronda Rousey shows you how it's done.

Bodybuilding Motivation - Become a Legend

Watch The Video - 03:13

Bodybuilding isn't just a hobby or a part-time dabble. It's a way of life. These legends have spent their entire lives dedicated to carving a body of stone.

Susanna Tirpak, Andrea Brazier, and Suzy Kellner

Watch The Video - 03:29

These ladies aren't in the kitchen; they're not at Bed Bath & Beyond. They're in the gym and killing it. They are women who have it all: physique, strength, and a no-bullshit attitude.

Rich Froning Highlights - 2013 CrossFit Games Champion

Watch The Video - 01:32

Even if you're not a CrossFit fan, you have to admire Rich Froning. He has the world's attention. Check out the highlights of his latest Games win!

I Command you to Grow! Biceps/Arm Day with CT Fletcher

Watch The Video - 07:19

Do you have what it takes to change? You might talk the talk, but can you walk the walk? CT Fletcher calls your bluff and commands you to grow. Warning: Extreme profanity.

Dana Linn Bailey Ham Day

Watch The Video - 06:14

Dana Linn Bailey. What else needs to be said? She crushes her hamstrings and we can only watch in awe. If today is your leg day, this video is a must-see!

World's Strongest Teenager - Pat Mendez

Watch The Video - 02:08

Think you move big weight? Try this on for size. You go toe to toe with Pat Mendez, and you'll lose.

Pain Is Temporary

Watch The Video - 05:37

Aesthetics don't just show up. Aesthetics come from a huge amount of work, from inhuman feats, and from a will that knows no bounds. This is how the greats get better.

When Bodybuilding Meets Strongman ft. Elliott Hulse & Kali Muscle

Watch The Video - 03:00

When bodybuilding meets strongman, incredible things happen. Watch Kali Muscle train with Elliot Hulse and you'll want to be the master of physique and function. Warning: profanity.

Teen CrossFitter

Watch The Video - 05:20

You 'Mirin? You should be. Not every 98-pound girl can clean and jerk more than she weighs. We're also pretty sure her pull-ups are better than yours.