Fitness 360: Chris Whited, Supplement Program

Chris uses a strategic stack to make sure his joints are every bit as the strong as his muscles. Here's his plan!

Many men want to provide for their families. It's a natural desire that comes from marriage and fatherhood. When Chris Whited realized that he might lose future opportunities to care for his children, he made a serious shift in his lifestyle.

With the encouragement of his family, the golden goal of $100,000, and the supplements listed below, Chris changed his appearance forever. He found a fit body within himself. Every person has the same potential buried underneath their current self. Start today and win the game of life.

Chris' Supplement Plan

Supplementation was really important to Chris' personal challenge to win the $100,000 Transformation. He put himself through so much that his body would have failed to recover without things like extra protein, Amino Recovery, and extra micronutrients.

"I believe the way I did it was important," Chris says. "Protein is the [most important] supplement you can take. I was taking it before working out, after working out, and in the mornings. Sometimes I'd take it right before I went to bed. I think I would have lost a lot of muscle and strength without BCAAs. I was taking them before meals, and before and after my workouts."

Chris took Super Cissus, a joint support supplement from USP Labs, as well. "I have a partially torn ACL and pretty bad knees from all my years playing soccer," he says. "I knew I'd need joint support with all the squatting, the cardio, and the Stairmaster. It helped out a lot."

"Protein is the most important supplement you can take. I was taking it before working out, after working out, and in the mornings."

Toward the end of the challenge, Chris started to take a fat burner to get those last inches off his belly. Weight fell off quickly in the beginning of his transformation, but he had to make adjustments near the end to keep it up. At the finish, with an after photo he can show his grandchildren someday, Chris felt like a new man.

"I feel healthy, but I have the same problem: I don't fit into any of my clothes! I couldn't fit into them before because they were too tight, whereas now I have to make sure I wear the appropriate pants to work or else they will fall off." Chris' motivation came from multiple sources. Yeah, he wanted to fit better into his clothes, but he had good health at the top of his head. "Being healthy shouldn't be in the back of your mind. It should always be your first priority. It's very important that I am healthy now. And I am going to stay healthy. And help others be healthy."

This supplement regimen is one way Chris is helping others. Make sure to check out his nutrition and training pages to learn how he conquered this challenge!

Chris' Supplement Regimen

Upon waking

With Solid Meals (11 a.m., 2 p.m., 8 p.m.)

Between meals
  • Amino Recovery Amino Recovery
    1 serving



  • Amino Recovery Amino Recovery
    1 serving

Before bed

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