Body Transformation: Clay Packed On The Bulk For His Ideal Body

Clay knew in order to have the body he always wanted he would have to work hard for it. See how he reinvented himself and packed on 51 pounds of muscle.

Vital Stats

Name: Clay Lyne
Bodyspace: boxerclay

Clay Lyne Clay Lyne


112 lbs
Body Fat:


163 lbs
Body Fat:

Why I Got Started

I've always wanted to have a really strong and powerful physique and always looked up to the guys who did, like all the jacked movie stars and WWE wrestlers but never really did anything about it.

My dad always talked about when he used to hit the weights a lot and encouraged me to get into it. As I got into my teen years I started to take notice of my body and how I looked. As soon as I was old enough, I joined my local YMCA gym.

I've always wanted to have a really strong and powerful physique.

How I Did It

I wasted a good year of training doing everything wrong - hardly eating any food and working out for up to 5 hours per day which resulted in just getting really scrawny and weak. After a while I figured I was going about it the wrong way not getting any results. So I started looking things up on the internet like "how to get big muscles" and stuff like that and came across a lot of good info.

I gathered up some basic knowledge on diet and training like the importance of proper nutrition and how much protein, carbs and fat to eat, along with basic bodybuilding workout routines. Once I started putting it all into play, I got great results and was hooked. I'm now looking to get into the competitive side of bodybuilding, most likely in the next year or two.


I keep my supplements pretty basic, nothing special.

Twice Daily:

Post Workout:


I aim for around 3000 cals per day, the macro break down is around 250g protein 340g carbs and 60g fats. The foods I eat change from day to day. And good clean foods - no junk. This is just an example, the foods may change but the macros stay the same.

Meal 1:

Meal 2: Pre Workout

Meal 3: Post Workout

Meal 4:

  • rice


    1.5 cups

  • kangaroo mince

    kangaroo mince (raw weight)


  • olive oil

    olive oil

    1 tbsp

Meal 5:

Meal 6:


I use Layne Norton's PHAT routine, and every 8-12 weeks I switch up the exercises. Sometimes if I'm feeling strong at the end of my workout, I'll throw in some FST-7 and drop sets to finish off.

Day 1: Upper Power

Day 2: Lower Body Power

Day 3: Rest

Day 4: Back/Shoulders Hypertrophy


Day 5: Lower Body Hypertrophy

Day 6: Chest/Arms Hypertrophy

Day 7: Rest

Suggestions for Others

Never let people tell you that you can't do something. Don't just go to the gym and do a workout one of your mates from school told you about and expect to get results. The internet has loads of information on everything - educate yourself.

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