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The Beginning Bodybuilder's Guide To Building Muscle!

The Beginning Bodybuilder's Guide To Building Muscle!

Building mass has to be the number one goal for beginners, and it can be quite a daunting one. In this feature we have collected the best information on what it takes to build muscle. Check it out and build mass now!

Welcome to the Beginning Bodybuilder's Guide To Building Muscle Super Feature. Building mass has to be the number one goal for beginners, and it can be quite a daunting one. In this feature we have collected the best information from the pros, amateurs and experts on what it takes to build muscle.

Step 1. Where To Start

So why should a person even take up bodybuilding? Is it worth all the hassle? And how does a person even stay motivated through out the entire process?

What You Need To Know Before You Begin:

  1. That you are medically cleared to exercise.
  2. How to exercise safely.
  3. Where to start.
  4. Why you are exercising.
  5. What you need to do to achieve your goals.

These articles will help you take the challenge head on!

'Why Bodybuild?' Articles:

Mass Gaining Program.
A simplified, general program designed to help increase lean mass and strength, while minimizing any gains of fat.
Ten Pounds In Thirty Days!
For a hardgainer ten pounds is something they can only fantasize about - well wake up because your fantasy is about to become reality.

Beginner Bodybuilding Basics Articles - View All

Training Specifics For Each Session.
Top 3 Mistakes When Working Out.
10 Facts You Need To Know.
11 Mistakes You Must Avoid!
How Did You Begin Bodybuilding?
Train Smart For Success!

Motivation Articles - View All

How To Achieve Your Goals.
101 Ways To Motivate Yourself.
10 Factors To Stay Motivated.
Your Month-Long Guide To Change.
The Winning Mind Set Of The Week.
Crank Up Your Productivity!

Step 2. Join The Forum

Why should you join the Forum? It is one of our visitor's secrets to success! You can get your questions answered by other members who have been there, find out what real bodybuilders are doing to gain muscle, and learn the truth about getting big. You will also stay motivated since you know that your online buddies will be keeping an eye on you!

Find others that have the same passion as you and help each other succeed!

Forum Stats:

  • Over 337,000 Members.
  • Over 762,000 Threads.
  • Over 9,604,000 Posts.
  • Over 26,000 Photos.

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Chat Room:

Chat Rooms Chat Room

Recently Updated Chat! Talk with bodybuilders from around the world. Discuss various methods of building muscle, different workout routines or anything you want!


Step 3. See How Others Did It

Don't think it's possible? Well the proof is in the pudding my friend. Check out the amazing muscle building transformations that amateurs just like you were able to accomplish with just a little bit of determination!

More Transformations:

Teen: Dave Hawk.
Dave started at a mere 105 lbs before bulking up to a massive 205! Check out his story here.
Teen: Shawn Rye
Sick of being the small kid, Shawn finally decided to take matters into his own hands.

More Teen And Adult Bodybuilder Profiles:

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Amateur Bodybuilder Of The Week. Go!
Fitness Amateur Of The Week. Go!
Over 40 Bodybuilder Of The Week. Go!
Transformations Of The Week. Go

Step 4. Learn Proper Exercises

Muscle building requires exercise. Plain and simple. Here you will find the basic bodybuilding exercises and how to perform them correctly and safely.

More Exercises:

Increase Your Bench!
How much do ya bench? Learn all about increasing your bench press here.
All About Deadlifts.
The king of mass gaining. Details about the deadlift including a beginning and advanced program.

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15 Secrets To A Bigger Bench Press.
The Big, Bad, Bench Press!
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The Myth Of The Bench Press.
The Bench Has Many Faces!

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Bring Your Mass Alive With Deads!
Learn Why The King Is Dead!
Build Lower Back Thickness!
A Scientific Approach To The Deadlift!.
Training The Other Half Of Your Leg.
The Importance Of The Deadlift.

Step 5. Find A Workout

Looking for a workout that is customized specifically to building muscle? The Workout Database contains hundreds of categorized workouts that you can search through.

Muscle Building Workouts:

'Choosing A Gym' Quiz.
Do you know what you want in a gym? This quiz will help you get some answers that should make your decision easier to make.
Keeping A Training Journal.
Find out what the benefits of keeping a training journal are, and why you need to start keeping a journal in order to track your progress.

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Beginner's Bodybuilding Program!
Ultimate Beginner Full Body Routine!
Workout Routine For Beginners!
Building A Bodybuilding Foundation.
9 Week Basic Training Program.
Beginning Training For Baby Boomers!

Step 6. Pick Your Supplements

Looking for that extra boost to add those extra pounds? Well, check out these popular muscle building supplements!



Top Protein Sellers:



Top Creatine Sellers:



Top Multi-Vitamin Sellers:

Other Muscle Builders:


Muscle Builders:

View All Muscle-Building Products By Category.

Step 7. Pick Your Diet

Diet is said to be 80% of bodybuilding. You can't build muscle if you don't give your body the building blocks to do it with. Find out everything you need to know about mass gain diets!

Mass Gain Diets:

#1 Nutrient Database.
Find out how many grams of protein, carbs and fat are in the foods you eat, along with the full vitamin and mineral profile.
Protein Finder!
Tired of searching for the protein that is best for you? Use our protein search utility to find the protein you need in only a few seconds!

Nutrition Basics Articles - View All

Beginner's Nutritional Mistakes!
Back To The Basics - Dieting.
Fast Food Nutritional Facts!
Top 10 Nutrients For Your Body!
The Complete Idiot's Guide To Dieting.
Fine Tune Your Physique.

Step 8. Check Out Video/Audio Shows

We have put together hours of free video shows for you to watch by the top experts in the industry. Watch them to learn even more about the right way to gain muscle fast!

Video Shows:

The Brit Show (More Episodes)
Click Play To Start The Video,
Or Download Your Format Below:
Windows Media - MPEG - Video iPod
Muscle Building Videos:

The Fit Show.
Chapman Media Group and bring you the first ever Bodybuilding and Fitness program on the web.
The Brit Show.
Here we introduce you to John Berry. This British bodybuilder will bring you week-to-week updates on his first natural bodybuilding competition.


Building Muscle And Losing Fat. Build Muscle & Lose Fat.
Is it possible to build muscle and lose fat at the same time? Marc David, "The Beginner's Expert" explains.
What I Want Fitnesscast Upper Body Training.
Join personal trainer, Mike Causadias, in this week's stimulating workout session centered around the upper body!

Step 9. Deck Out Your Computer

Live the lifestyle! Make everything in your life with about bodybuilding to remind you about the path you have chosen to take. Be loud and proud to be a bodybuilder and your muscle building dreams will come true much quicker.


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Bob Cicherillo.

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Abs (Self-Portrait).

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