Best Self 6 Week Challenge Sponsored By BPI Sports

Reveal your best physique yet with the BPI Best Self 6-Week Challenge. Best Self 6 Week Challenge Sponsored by BPI Sports - Congrats To Our Winner!

Reveal your best physique yet with the BPI Best Self 6-Week Challenge.

Look Who They've Become

These are people just like you, who are striving every day to become stronger and healthier. Congrats to David and everyone who completed the Challenge. And thank you to BPI for giving people all over the world a chance to become their best selves.

Grand Prize Winner

David Cook

David's road to ripped-status has been a long one. But thanks to the motivation of this Challenge and the support of his wife and family, he has shed 25 pounds and 5.6% body fat in just 6 weeks! If you, too, are struggling to attain the physique you want, David has some words of wisdom: "To anyone out there who is unhappy with themselves, make a choice. Choose to be happy. Choose to abandon excuses. Choose to change. Choose to be motivated. Choose to become your own Best Self. The reward is great, especially when you can remember the very moment you took control and made a choice." Click the link below to see more of David's journey.


First-Prize Winners
Ryan Baker - First Prize Winner

Ryan Baker | shredding25

Jessica Helmer - First Prize Winner

Jessica Helmer | jchelmer87

Second-Prize Winners
Sean Brannen - Second Prize Winner

Sean Brannen | sean_brannen

Crystal Jordan - Second Prize Winner

Crystal Jordan | disney22

Third-Prize Winners
Minor Bowens - Third Prize Winner

Minor Bowens | gfmep1911

Michele Lounsbury - Third Prize Winner

Michele Lounsbury | mickileelounz

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