BodyGroup Of The Month: Jamie Eason's LiveFit Trainer

Ready to LiveFit and transform your life in 12 quick weeks? This BodyGroup has your back! The LiveFit BodyGroup is dedicated to helping you complete LiveFit and exceed your goals.

Group Profile: Jamie Eason's LiveFit Trainer
Group Founder: Dazzling Danielle
Date Founded: August 23, 2011
Number of Members: 1492 (as of January 10, 2012)

Group Description:

The LiveFit trainer is a simple 3-phase program for transforming your body and your life in 12 short weeks. Jamie's science-based approach combines exercise, nutrition and supplementation for results that far exceed what any of those tools could produce on their own. Better yet, you'll leave this program knowing how to pursue the fit lifestyle all on your own!

Group Commitment:

"Every member of this group committed to ..."
Everyone who joins my BodyGroup will be committed to helping other members reach their health and fitness goals. This may be in any positive way possible. This BodyGroup is also a way to share meals, ask questions, stay motivated and hold each other accountable.

Q: What is your BodyGroup about and who are the members?

The Jamie Eason LiveFit Trainer BodyGroup is a group for anyone and everyone who is participating in the Jamie Eason's 12-Week Trainer Program. This is an unofficial group with intentions to provide support, encouragement, ideas and tips for others doing the program! The members are both male and female from all over the world. They are extremely motivating to each other, and work hard to accomplish their health and fitness goals!

Why did the founder start the group?

I started the BodyGroup so members of BodySpace would have a way to communicate and motivate each other throughout their journey! It's extremely important for those wanting to make it through Jamie's 12 week program to have someone to reach out to for motivation, answers to their questions and to compare stories with!

What have your results been with starting the group?

This group has seen great success since starting on August 23, 2011. We ended the first day with only 14 members. I had a goal of 1,000 members by December 31, 2011 and I definitely achieved that!

How do your members use the BodyGroup feature?

The members use the BodyGroup feature in a few different ways. First they use it as a way to meet friends with similar interests to add to their BodySpace network. This leads to help and motivation from those friends. Another way they use the BodyGroup is through the forum. This forum is full of questions, motivation, recipes, etc. Members can go to this section of the group to get questions answered and to hear others opinions and thoughts on many different topics related to the LiveFit trainer. Members also use the comment section as a way to communicate with everyone! It works similar to the forum; they get questions answered and also post experiences!

Who are some of your notable members?

Five of our most active members are:

How would you explain to a new member the attitude needed in your group?

I say the attitude needed in the group is a very positive, uplifting attitude. We are open to anyone joining the group and would love to add more positive people. The trainer is built to help create a fit lifestyle and that is something we all like to continue to preach in our BodyGroup.

In what way has motivating other BodySpace users given you the ability to push yourself to new levels?

Being the creator of the BodyGroup definitely made me a lot more motivated. I feel like it's extremely important for me to make sure everyone's questions are answered and answered correctly. Also I think that motivating them to keep pushing through their transformation is essential. I was doing really well on the trainer and unfortunately got really sick when heading into Phase III. This held me back but by keeping updated with the group I was able to get right back on track after taking two weeks off.

What would you tell someone who is contemplating making a commitment to joining your group to motivate them to honor the commitment?

I would tell them that Jamie Eason has created a program to help transform not only your body but your life. The trainer provides everything you would need from nutrition, supplementation, training and more. All these tools can help you exceed your goals and leave the program knowing how to live a fit lifestyle. The group is just an added bonus to help motivate and support you on your journey to a new YOU!

Jamie Eason (all pink) inspired January's BodyGroup of the Month. Jamie provides support online, and on everyday Earth.

How do you think the group mentality applies to your personal life and how has it helped?

The group mentality is positive and full of people wanting to achieve their goals! In my personal life, it helps me to stay on track knowing that so many other people may be struggling with the same issues, such as time management, occasional lack of motivation, etc. I always think, if they can do it, I can do it!

Why join your group as opposed to other transformation groups?

I think my group is a key motivator for anyone looking to transform with the Jamie Eason LiveFit Trainer. Even if they aren't following the trainer to the full extreme they can still benefit from conversations with others.

What do you feel is the best way to motivate others within the confines of the group page?

The best way to motivate others within the confines of the group setting is by making sure that the group is active and always keeping people motivated. Also I think that by sending those very active members personal thank you packages helps keep them active and wanting to keep motivating others. I think it is still important to remind everyone in the group to stay accountable and keep their BodySpace up to date. Also I try to encourage them to add friends to their BodySpace page so they can create that positive network of people who are also trying hard to achieve their health and fitness goals!