Body Transformation: Training On The Curve

Hypertrophy doesn't come easy. It doesn't choose who grows. Muscle is built by training heavy and eating heavier. Roman accepted it and built a body most grown men would covet!

Name: Roman Dennis
BodySpace: Rdennis47

Roman Dennis Roman Dennis
AGE 15
105 lbs
AGE 16
140 lbs

Why I Decided To Transform

I never really thought anything about my body up until about my freshman year of high school. I always thought I was an average-sized kid until the day I went to this pool party. The minute I took my shirt off I realized that this was the complete opposite. I was really surprised how frail I was and almost didn't believe it.

Meanwhile during school my friends would take me to the weight training room to go bench press. While everyone was having competitions to see who could lift more I just kind of stood back and watched.

I even remember one time when all of my friends were going to the weight room and my girlfriend at the time had asked me if I was going to go lift with them. I felt so ashamed when I lied and said that I couldn't because I'd hurt my back. In reality, I just didn't want to get embarrassed by how weak I was.

I had no interest in being the strongest kid in my class and still don't care about that today. But once I hopped on that bench and maxed out at a whopping 70 pounds, I knew I had to do something. Not to impress anyone, but just to do it for myself!

Once I started working out, I really started feeling much better about myself. It gave me more energy, it helped relieve stress, and it kept me from doing un-productive things like watching TV or playing video games all day. It also made my confidence skyrocket!

My family has been inspired watching me grow and has started eating right to improve their overall health. That is one thing I love about working out and eating right: You set a good example for others around you and you inspire others to do great things.

Weights trump video games every time.
Weights trump video games every time.

How I Accomplished My Goals

What really got me started in this journey were my brothers. I have always looked up to them and wanted to be as great as them. I knew both of my brothers worked out frequently and had been doing so for many years, so of course they were my go-to guys for workout advice.

One of my brothers recommended that I just start with the basics: sit-ups, push-ups, pull-ups. I also had a pair of 15-pound dumbbells I would use at my house. After I had been working out at home for a considerable amount of time, my brother would occasionally take me to his gym. This worked until he moved away for work. This forced me to get my own gym membership.

During the summer, my uncle was generous enough to get me a trainer. This helped me immensely and helped me learn some vital things about working out. For the majority of this I had been training by myself, but just recently my sister introduced me to her two friends who are bodybuilders. I have been training with them ever since and have greatly gained from their help.

Without my family's help I don't know where I would be. They have all helped me so much in many different ways and I simply cannot thank them enough.

With that being said, I would like to just say thanks to my family: mom, dad, Cj, Phil, Adrianne, and Michael. I would also like to thank my friends Shane and Wyatt for helping me and pushing me in my training.

What Aspect Challenged Me The Most

I can definitely say the most challenging thing for me has to be eating. I can normally go awhile without getting hungry, so that means that throughout the day I am eating when I really don't want to, but have to.

One big conflict this caused for me was that it was making me feel tired throughout the day, which in turn effected my workout. I overcame this by not eating so much before my workout (I shoot for 1,000 pre-workout) and eating the remaining 2,000-plus after the gym.

My Future Fitness Plans

Of course I plan to maintain my physical health throughout my lifetime, but I also wish to compete in bodybuilding competitions for as long as I can.

Furthermore, I think I would like to be a physical trainer in the future and help others reach beyond their physical expectations like I did.

He turned his discouragement into encouragement.
He turned his discouragement into encouragement.

Suggestions For Aspiring Transformers

My advice goes out to all the people who may be discouraged to start working out, or to people who do workout but aren't seeing the results they want. Everyone has to start somewhere (just look at my before picture!) and there is only one way to go: up!

Don't feel like you can't be anything less than great! As long as you have the dedication mixed with the right fitness habits, I promise you won't be disappointed. Just realize that this stuff takes time and knowledge.

How Helped Me Reach My Goals was extremely important throughout my journey. I personally love reading the transformation articles to see that I am not alone on this lifelong journey. It is very encouraging.

Not only does it offer good articles and advice, but it has pretty much everything you need to help you transform in its store.