Body Transformation: The Right Frequency

Troy let himself slip, but refused to slide. He tutored under Kris Gethin and Troy transformed his body. See how he revived his ailing heart!

Name: Troy Smith
BodySpace: troy7788

Troy Smith Troy Smith
AGE 46
216 lbs
AGE 46
204 lbs

Why I Got Started

Growing up I was always thin and in shape (I graduated high school at 119 pounds) and didn't have to work hard to maintain it. Fast forward almost 30 years, I finally looked in the mirror and was truly honest with myself. I was overweight and out of shape!

I was embarrassed to go to the beach or be seen in public with my shirt off. Having had a physical with my doctor who agreed I needed to lose weight and was not happy with my blood work numbers, I decided to get serious. This was my life and if I didn't take care of myself now then when would I? I was just getting older and thought now was the time to take back my life.

I told my wife who needed to lose weight too that we needed to do this together. We joined our local gym, and like many people tend to do; we did it halfheartedly. We had good intentions, but working out still wasn't a priority. We didn't have a focus or plan. We just did some of the machines and the cardio equipment.

So our results were minimal, until we found I saw an ad for Kris Gethin's book Body By Design.

The muscle capacity is there, you just must unleash it!

How I Did It

I purchased the book and read the entire thing. I am not an avid reader but I knew this was going to help me get the results I had been looking for. My wife read the book as well so we would both know what we had to do.

We started following Kris' program. It was difficult to get into the swing of things … committing to the workouts every day and the change in our diets. But after a few weeks, it became easier. We followed the Body By Design plan and had made good progress to our goals. We were addicted at this point.

We tell everyone that the hardest part is getting started and staying committed long enough to make it routine. Now if I miss a workout, I feel like I am missing out on something. We decided we wanted more results and were ready to push the envelope again. We found Kris Gethin's 12 Week Video Workout. This was even more intense than the first one but we were ready.

We started this plan and followed it as close as possible. With a few holidays during the program we waivered a little but got right back after it. I think this is key as well. You are going to slip, you might fall. But you have to keep going, you have to let that roll off your back and keep going.

Another thing I learned is how critical meal frequency is. Before I started this training program I would eat once a day. Not only do you have to eat the right foods but you have to keep the "fire burning". Your metabolism has to be stoked like a fire. You need to eat 5-to-6 meals per day.

Another thing that Kris taught me is to have goals and document your progress. Sometimes your weight might not change but your measurements will. If you will utilize the tools to keep up with where you are and where you want to be, it will be a great motivator.

Suggestions For Others

Don't be afraid to get out of your comfort zone. The hardest part is getting started. Go to and find someone who motivates you.

Kris Gethin is awesome. Some of his workouts may seem a little intimidating but he always tells you to work hard but at your level. Try it, you will be amazed at what your body can do when pushed.