Body Transformation: The Monday That Mattered

Tonya was so ashamed of her body she wouldn't go out in public. See how she re-shaped her image and lost 30 pounds!

Name: Tonya Robbins
BodySpace: Rockstar42

Tonya Robbins Tonya Robbins
AGE 41
155 lbs
AGE 44
125 lbs

Why I Got Started

I was just fed up and disgusted with myself. I felt so fat and ugly! How did this happen? As you get older the weight just "creeps" up on you, a few pounds here and a few pounds there. I was so embarrassed I would not even go in the grocery store, I would send my girls in.

Sure I would say "ok, I'll start a diet Monday," a lot of Mondays came and went. They would only last about half of the Monday. Then one day it was like I had a "light bulb" moment… I'm going to do it this time! Nothing is going to stop me! I've had enough of feeling like crap and being so embarrassed about myself!

How I Did It

The first thing I did was join a diet center. I started eating exactly what the plan said and the weight just started coming off. When I joined I was traveling a lot and eating fast food 3-4 times a day, fast food this and fast food that! On top of that was one soda after another!

The diet part was such a change for my body, I did have a headache for the first few days then they went away. Each day I felt better and better… I would go weigh in every Thursday and sure enough I was losing weight each and every week. I was on top of the world; nothing was going to stop me. Seeing the results was my motivation.

After I had lost 20 lbs or so I joined the YMCA, I was scared to death because I knew nothing about working out. I had always read the fitness mags and dreamed about looking like those girls but it was just a dream. So for the first couple weeks I would just go in and hop on a treadmill, this way I could just watch everyone and see what they were doing.

I loved watching people lift more than anything! I really wanted to have nice muscular arms. One day I saw a trainer walk in and I loved her arms! I instantly approached her and made an appointment with her. After we had trained a few days I walked in with a muscle mag that had Michelle Reid on the cover, and I said I want to look like this. I could tell she didn't take me seriously or was thinking "Yeah right!"

I worked with her for over a year then decided to do my own thing. I knew I wanted to compete one day and she had no experience in that area or way of training. So I just continued doing a lot of online training with different people.

Suggestions For Others

You have to plan your meals…be prepared! I spend 2 days a week cooking and preparing food. Just do it! Quit waiting until Monday. If I can make these changes in my 40's anyone can.

Get your mind right, quite making excuses and make it happen. The results are soooooooo worth it!