Body Transformation: Tanja Eckhardt Earned Hard Muscle!

Tanja wanted to get strong, so she headed for manly iron and left light weights for the girls! Check out the mindset this teen adopted to build rock hard muscle!

Between age 16 and 17, I decided to cut fat and join a fitness center to start eating healthy. I did lots of research about food and nutrients and started to understand my metabolism.

I never thought about quitting. There was a time when I never took a day off, but then I learned how crucial it was to give my body rest.

What aspect challenged me the most

The most significant challenges are the intense workouts and the large calorie intake required to build muscle.

"Don't waste your time on light weights because you're a girl."

My future fitness plans

I hope to train for my entire life injury-free and gain more mass on my legs. It would be cool to step on stage and make a decent fitness career

Suggestions for aspiring transformers

Don't waste your time on light weights because you're a girl. Instead, train as hard as the big guys in the gym. Also, don't talk while you train.

How helped me reach my goals

I read all the articles on to learn about nutrition, training, and supplements.