Body Transformation: Solace Of Consistency

Demetri matured enough to know he needed a bigger body to prosper in a big world. See how his time, energy, and study to bodybuilding earned him what he wanted!

Name: Demetri Sintsirmas
BodySpace: AgainstOdds

Demetri Sintsirmas Demetri Sintsirmas
AGE 17
138 lbs
AGE 20
173 lbs

Why I Got Started

Growing up, I had always been naturally lean/lanky, and as cliché as this story goes, I honestly did hate it. Before my senior year in high school, I weighed in at 138 pounds. I was sick of people dismissing me because of my size, and I didn't want to finish senior year in the light I currently lived in … This was something I owed to myself.

The problem was that there was so much information to take in, and I didn't have any idea where to start. By carefully researching the many fitness articles/forums on, I got all the information I was looking for.

I learned about the different types of workout splits, the importance of dieting, and any other informative tools to get started.

Determination is all you need. Demand yourself to do it and you will.

At the beginning of my journey, I didn't have access to a gym aside from my high school gym, and started working out at home on a cable Bowflex. But as time went on I realized in order to get the gains I was looking to achieve, I had to incorporate REAL weights.

Once I did, all of this transformed into a passion.

How I Did It

The most important thing I found that worked for me was making sure my body and my mind were always in sync. Aside from obvious muscle fatigue, your mind is what ultimately keeps your body persevering through whatever training obstacles you set for yourself.

I'd make sure my lifts were always harmonious with my mind, and would keep this in mind for every set. This, along with consistency, is a great formula for the goals any person ultimately has in mind.

Also paying more attention to my diet put on the clean weight I had been striving for.

There are plenty of informative diets on that are great for people with fast metabolisms, and dedication to these types of things will show you that your metabolism is not as fast as it thinks!

Suggestions For Others

All I can really say is come up with a diet that pertains to the goals you are striving for, and don't stress if your day falls short of what goals you are on occasionally.

Obviously consistency bears the best rewards, but life is life, and sometimes you won't be able to hit everything in a day that you need to.

Bodybuilding is something that should enjoyed, and something you do for yourself. The best thing about it is that it's the ultimate reflector, and shows you EXACTLY that what you put in - you get out.

Train hard, eat right, and have fun watching the amazing things your body is capable of.