Body Transformation: Pump Action

Dominic got sick of being pushed around in sports, so he dusted off a lost generation of iron and began his muscle quest. See how he packed on 30 pounds!

Name: Dominic Cagliero
BodySpace: Domsaywuuuh

Dominic Cagliero Dominic Cagliero
AGE 15
126 lbs
AGE 17
159 lbs

Why I Got Started

Well, what got me started all came from a mixture of different things. Toward the end of 8th grade I was home-schooled for various reasons and every day it was the same thing over and over again: wake up, homework, eat, sleep and play video games.

Another reason why I decided to start lifting was because in my area there were many Pacific islanders. A lot of them played the sports I enjoyed like football or basketball. But almost always, I was out muscled and out-gunned.

So in a way, they kind of inspired me to get big (lol).

Put more iron in your daily dime, watch your body grow!

How I Did It

One morning I woke up and pulled out my mom's old dumbbells from the storage, bought a pull up bar, and purchased a small tub of protein from a local grocery store. I started out doing pushups, sit ups, dips, pull ups, etc. in my room.

When I would curl, I'd specifically remember the great feeling I got inside when I felt that ultimate 'pump' or tightness in my biceps.

Since then, I got addicted to the results I've slowly yielded. On top of all of that, I started to get the right kind of attention from my friends and family; and in terms it motivated me and told me that I must be doing something right.

My parents thought I was a little too hooked onto the whole muscle scene because often they'd find me up at night reading articles on just about anything fitness-related.

Over time though, they started to understand and adjust to everything I did.

Since day one, my parents have supported me and always guided me in the right direction no matter what! I think it's safe to say that I've got a severe case of iron-addiction!

Teen Transformations: Dominic Cagliero Symmetry and Mandatory Posing

Watch The Video - 03:37

Suggestions For Others

When training muscles like your calves or core, it's always good to do them frequently considering they're foundation muscles. When training them, go for reps rather than weight and always be sure to mix them up.

Often or depending on my goal (whether I'm going to be competing or simply trying to gain strength) my rep/set range varies quite often. I also like to add in drop sets, supersets, etc. just to confuse my muscles and try to prevent from plateauing.

Might I also suggest not worrying about the weight you're pushing or using. You should be more concerned about your form and what your body responds to better. Remember, we all start somewhere and in time, we will be rewarded with results!

As far as supplements, I am a firm believer that with proper and responsible dosage, they can be an essential part to your training program no matter what the person's goal is. However, they are only to add what you lack, so therefore you should not depend solely on supplements.

Now who wants to lift some heavy a** weights?!