Body Transformation: Peak Physique

Sean went to a bodybuilding show back in ’07 and found himself inspired. See how he spent 4 years building a stage-worthy physique!

Why I Got Started

I attended the 2007 KC Natural Gold's Classic where I met Lee Larson (personal trainer and bodybuilder).

At that time I was about 220 pounds with 30% body fat and hadn't worked out since high school for football.

I loved what I saw at the show and spent the next four years eating and training and living like a bodybuilder.

Lee taught me what working out was really all about, leaving me crawling out of the gym more sore than I ever thought imaginable.

After spending a few years bulking up I decided spring of 2011 to get ready for my first competition and coincidently it was the one I attended 4 years prior.

So I started my pre-contest 20 weeks out around April of 2011 for my show Sept 17th.

How I Did It

I first made the decision that no matter what happened I would compete.

And boy was I challenged with obstacles! But I stayed focused and come show day I was ready and took 1st in Novice Tall, 1st in Novice Overall and 3rd in Open Tall for my very first show.

The NANBF Natural KC Gold's Classic is arguably the most competitive show in that organization in the U.S! Find a good coach who knows nutrition and knows how to pose! You might be able to do it on your own, but mentally it's much better to have another set of eyes helping you out.

Suggestions For Others

The most important thing to remember when training is mind to muscle connection. You have to feel the muscle stretch and contract every rep, every set.

Find a workout partner who's bigger than you and stronger. This will push you harder and help you stay with intense workouts.

Diet, Diet, Diet. Cut all cheat meals out so that you can drop about 1 to 1.5 pounds per week and 1% body fat perek until you're down to 3% on show day! No tricks,just straight up dedication and hard work! Get after it!

Trainer Credit:
Micah LaCerte - Hitch Fit Online Personal Training,

Photographic Credit:
David Bickley - David Bickley Photography,