Body Transformation: Laura Went From A Steel Plate To Abs Of Steel

After doctors discovered a benign bone tumor in Laura's leg, she vowed to live a healthier, more active life.

Body Transformation: Laura Went From A Steel Plate To Abs Of Steel

Why I decided to transform

I was obese as a teen (200 pounds), but I started running to lose weight and found it was a form of meditation. My weight had gone up and down over the years depending on my emotional state. I understood healthy eating, but never really educated myself on nutritional facts.

Then the perfect storm happened. In 2009 the doctors found a bone tumor in my right femur. Unsure if it was malignant or not—meaning whether I would lose my leg or not, I went into surgery promising to change my life if I had one more chance. Luckily it was benign and the worst I had to deal with was an 8-1/2-inch steel plate in my femur from the knee up.

I went through struggling to get out of bed, a wheelchair for months, a walker, and a cane. After a year, I had the plate taken out and I dedicated myself to living a more active life

How I accomplished my goals

When the plate came out in 2010, I was 165 pounds. I started focusing on eating better and dedicating myself to a healthy life style, and I lost 30 pounds in 2010. I was unhappy with the process of rehabilitation physical therapy exercises though.

Before /// 165 lbs
After /// 110 lbs
AGE 45 / HEIGHT 5'1" / BODY FAT 30%
AGE 49 / HEIGHT 5'1" / BODY FAT 10%
Post To Fitboard

I felt at that point that there had to be a smarter way to eat and train. In August 2011, I hired a personal trainer to help me design a workout program that suited my lifestyle as a single working mom, as well as provide nutritional advice. My investment worked! By February 2012 I had lost another 20 pounds, but I wanted to see more muscle.

I found another trainer closer to me who would be able to work with my crazy schedule. The trainer told me that she mostly worked with competitors. Until that very moment I had never thought of competing. In the space of a few seconds I realized competing was something that would push me to the limit, and I agreed to my first competition in November 2012. My only goal, other than perfecting my body, was not to trip on stage.

I have not looked back since! I have competed six times (placed in 3), and my next competition is April 2015.

What aspect challenged me the most

My biggest challenge has been finding time to train, make my meals, and take care of my children. As a single mom, life—at any time—can be a logistical challenge. I had to realize that my family will support me and that I need to take time for myself.

My children have been incredibly supportive. I can be found at the gym sometimes at 4:30 in the morning because I have some event for my children in the evening to attend.

My future fitness plans

My future plans are to continue building my body and move to all-natural competition as a figure competitor in 2015. I am working on building motivational seminars/workshops to help women learn how nutrition and bodybuilding can help them empower themselves to be better every day.

Every woman who is successful at a transformation has had to change how they look at life as a whole.

Suggestions for aspiring transformers

Every woman who is successful at a transformation has had to change how they look at life as a whole. When I started this journey, I was hit with a great deal of negative comments and people who did not believe in me in general. I met resistance and was told I was too old or too skinny, my children would suffer, or my leg was too badly injured. I realized you have to listen to your own heart and body and be dedicated and consistent with your goals.

The next step was to surround myself with people who believed in me. I hired a trainer so that I had at least one dedicated person to cheer me on, and then I built a network of friends that help each other reach our goals.

The reality of it is, if you really want it to happen, you will find a way. If you keep finding reasons to sabotage your goals, you have to look at why. There are always excuses for the people who do not reach their goals. But if you are consistent and keep trying, you will succeed. It's all about whether you truly want it.

How helped me reach my goals has always been available as a point of reference for how to do an exercise, types of ways to work each body part, and building a network of like-minded people who encourage each other in their fitness goals.

In additional, if I am looking for a nutritional supplement to try, I can find information on what, if any, effects the nutrients will have on my goals. Finally, I love the store! I cannot match the prices anywhere here in town and the delivery is very quick. I refer everyone who asks!

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